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Filter Query Parameter

The filter parameter filters results to a subset that meet specific criteria. Whenever possible, use where or filter to explicitly choose specific assets, thereby reducing the load put on the application.

rest-1 URL Syntax

In rest-1.v1/Data and rest-1.oauth.v1/Data, there is no distinct filter parameter. The ability to filter on equality or inequalities is handled with the where parameter.

query.v1 Syntax

In query.v1 and query.legacy.v1, the filter parameter is a sequence of VersionOne filter tokens as strings. The filter tokens name an attribute (possible traversing relations) and give a comparison operator and either a comparison value or a context variable that will be defined in the with clause. For simple equality comparison, use the where parameter.


from: Story
  - Name
  - Estimate
  - Estimate>'0'


  "from": "Story",