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find Query Parameter

The find parameter provides basic substring matching. Used by itself, find searches within a default set of fields. To search within a specific field or set of fields, find is combined with findin. This free text search is relatively expensive for VersionOne, so when the exact contents of a field should be matched, use the where parameter instead.

rest-1 URL Syntax

In rest-1.v1/Data, the find parameter is a URL query parameter. The following shows how the find is expressed in the query.

<Server Base URI>/rest.v1/Data/Story?sel=Name,Number&find=Ticket&findin=Name

query.v1 Syntax

In query.v1, the find parameter is expressed as a string value.


from: Story
  - Name
  - Number
find: Ticket
  - Name


  "from": "Story",
  "find": "Ticket",