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Since some results from a query may be very large, you may limit the number of returned results or start retrieving results starting from a particular index. Results are returned in ID order if no other sorting is applied, so paging will always be deterministic. The page parameter specifies how many assets you want to retrieve and where to start in the list of assets. The page start represents the number of items from which to start and is zero indexed. It is an item count, not a page count. The page size is the maximum number of items to return on a page. For example if you have 100 assets and want to see the first 10, you would use a page start of 0, and a page size of 10. To retrieve the second page simply ask for a page start of 10 with a page size of 10, and so on.

rest-1 URL Syntax

In rest-1.v1/Data and rest-1.oauth.v1/Data, the page parameter is a URL query parameter with 2 numbers specifying the page size and the page start respectively: page=<page size>,<page start>.

The following shows how page is expressed in a query.

<Server Base URI>/rest.v1/Data/Story?page=5,0

query.v1 Syntax

In query.v1 and query.legacy.v1, the page parameter is expressed as a pair of named attributes. Paging only works for the topmost query. You cannot limit/page the results of subselections.


from: Story
  start: 0
  size: 5


  "from": "Story",
      "start": 0,
      "size": 5