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Meta API

The VersionOne Meta API provides read-only information about all the assets contained within VersionOne including their typesattributesrelationshipsand the operations that they support. In addition, it allows you to discover information such as which attribute definitions are required, what content is valid for an attribute, which attributes belong to which asset types, and what custom fields an asset contains. For example, the Meta API will indicate that the Story asset type has an attribute definition called Estimate which is a Numeric attribute type and is not required.

Each asset type contains a collection of attribute definitions, a collection of operations, and a number of useful attribute definitions for things like sorting. Each attribute definition describes the type of data it can contain as well as whether it is required, read only, and multi value. Each operation contains a reference to an attribute definition that can be used to determine whether the specific operation can be executed on a given asset.

Unlike other VersionOne API implementations, the Meta API does not require authentication.

Query Structure

The Meta API uses the meta.v1 endpoint and its general query structure is as follows:

<Server Base URI>/meta.v1/{asset type}/{attribute|operation}

Where asset is the name of the asset that you wish to retrieve the metadata for. The name that you use for the asset is the internal asset type name, which may or may not be the same name used within the VersionOne user interface.

In addition, you may also query for a specific attribute or operation that a specific asset may have.

Viewing Results

When using the Meta API, the HTTP response is always returned with a content type of "text/xml", and depending on the amount of data returned, can be difficult to read when viewing the results in a browser. To help with Meta API result readability, VersionOne provides an XSL stylesheet that can be used to format the raw XML results.

To use the stylesheet, simply add xsl as a query string parameter to the Meta API query and set its value to api.xsl as in the following:

<Server Base URI>/meta.v1/{asset type}?xsl=api.xsl