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Retrieve metadata for a specific attribute definition


The following is the general structure of a Meta API query will retrieve metadata for a specific attribute definition:

<Server Base URI>/meta.v1/{asset type}/{attribute}

The following Meta API query will retrieve metadata for the Name attribute of the Story asset type:

<Server Base URI>/meta.v1/Story/Name


<AttributeDefinition href="/VersionOne/meta.v1/Story/Name" of="/VersionOne/meta.v1/Story" version="" name="Name" token="Story.Name" displayname="AttributeDefinition'Name'Story" attributetype="Text" isreadonly="False" isrequired="True"ismultivalue="False" iscanned="True" iscustom="False">
    <Base href="/VersionOne/meta.v1/BaseAsset/Name" tokenref="BaseAsset.Name"/>
    <OrderByAttribute href="/VersionOne/meta.v1/Story/Name" tokenref="Story.Name"/>

The root element is called AttributeDefinition. It contains an of attribute which indicates the URL of the asset type that the attribute belongs to. It also contains a name attribute and a token attribute. When an attribute definition reference is used, it will contain either an attribute called tokenref or nameref which corresponds directly to an attribute definitions token and name attributes respectfully.

The displayname attribute is an unlocalized string that can be passed to the Localization API to retrieve a meaningful name for the attribute definition.

The attributetype attribute indicates what type of data this attribute definition represents. See the list of attribute types for more information.

Finally the node contains an isreadonly attribute which indicates that the attribute is read only and cannot be updated or set, an isrequired attribute which indicates that the attribute is required to save or update an asset of the specific asset type, and finally an ismultivalue attribute which indicates that there may be multiple values for the attribute definition.

Currently only attribute definitions of type Relation may be multi-value attribute definitions.