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Retrieve metadata for a specific operation


The following is the general structure of a Meta API query will retrieve metadata for a specific operation:

<Server Base URI>/meta.v1/{asset type}/{operation}

The following Meta API query will retrieve metadata for the Delete operation of the Story asset type:

<Server Base URI>/meta.v1/Story/Delete


<Operation href="/VersionOne/meta.v1/Story/Delete" of="/VersionOne/meta.v1/Story" version="" name="Delete">
    <Validator href="/VersionOne/meta.v1/Story/IsDeletable" tokenref="Story.IsDeletable"/>

The root element is called Operation. It contains an of attribute which indicates the URL of the asset type that the attribute belongs to.

The operation may contain a sub element called Validator which is a reference to an attribute definition. A validator is the name of an attribute that can be asked for on an asset to determine whether the operation is valid for the asset.

So for example, you can query a Story asset with ID 1000 for the IsDeletable attribute to determine whether you can call the Delete operation on the asset.