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Retrieve metadata for all system assets


The following Meta API query will retrieve metadata for all system assets in one large response:

<Server Base URI>/meta.v1


<Meta href="/VersionOne/meta.v1/" version="">
    <AssetType name="AssetType" token="AssetType" displayname="AssetType'AssetType" abstract="False">
        <DefaultOrderBy href="/VersionOne/meta.v1/AssetType/Order" tokenref="AssetType.Order"/>
        <DefaultDisplayBy href="/VersionOne/meta.v1/AssetType/Name" tokenref="AssetType.Name"/>
        <ShortName href="/VersionOne/meta.v1/AssetType/Name" tokenref="AssetType.Name"/>
        <Name href="/VersionOne/meta.v1/AssetType/Name" tokenref="AssetType.Name"/>
        <AttributeDefinition name="ID" token="AssetType.ID" displayname="AttributeDefinition'ID'AssetType" attributetype="Relation" isreadonly="True" isrequired="False" ismultivalue="False" iscanned="True" iscustom="False">
            <ReciprocalRelation href="/VersionOne/meta.v1/AssetType/ID" tokenref="AssetType.ID"/>
            <OrderByAttribute href="/VersionOne/meta.v1/AssetType/ID" tokenref="AssetType.ID"/>
            <DisplayByAttribute href="/VersionOne/meta.v1/AssetType/Name" tokenref="AssetType.Name"/>
            <RelatedAsset nameref="AssetType" href="/VersionOne/meta.v1/AssetType"/>

        <!-- Additional Attribute Definition Nodes -->

        <!-- Additional Operation Nodes -->


<!-- Addition Asset Type Nodes -->


The root element is called Meta and contains an href attribute which indicates what URL was used to retrieve the information. The Meta element will contain a number of sub elements called AssetType which correspond to each of asset types supported by the VersionOne API. In each AssetType element are multiple AttributeDefinition elements and multiple Operation elements as well as a few other nodes that are attribute definition references which provide suggestions on how to sort or display certain asset types. Inside each AttributeDefinition node there are a number of relevant nodes that describe the specific attribute definition. Finally inside each Operation node is a Validator node which is a reference to an attribute definition that indicates whether the operation is valid for a given asset.