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Query History API

The History API allows you to query the state history of a VersionOne asset.  It differs from the regular data API because you can query an asset and see state of the asset after any change has been applied to it since the asset's creation (including its creation).  Each time a VersionOne asset is modified, a record of the change is stored in the history database.  This change record has a timestamp attribute called a Moment, which is a generated identifier that represents the specific instant (from the VersionOne application frame of reference) the asset was created or modified.  

A Moment follows this format:


*NOTE: The AssetType:ID pair is what is know as the OID.

In concrete terms, a Moment looks like this:


Here is an example on how to do a query for a member who has an OID of “Member:32”:


The XML or JSON output should be a list of fully-populated <Asset> elements (history records), each representing the state of the member after the member was changed. A change to any of the information related to "Member 32" generates at least one new history record.