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Query for hours worked by workitems


I would like to find all the hours worked on workitems for a specific project. How can I query for this data?


Solution: Use the Effort Quicklist

VersionOne has a set of reports known as quicklists. These provide simple grids that can be configured for specific reporting uses. The Effort Quicklist is already filtered by the project context. Additional filters can be applied to the grid.

Solution: Use query.v1 to report by Workitem

This endpoint was introduced in 13.2, Summer 2013. Please check Support Center -> About to see if you are on this release or later.

The following uses the query.v1 endpoint to obtain Workitems with aggregated hours. The same can be accomplished using the rest-1.v1/Data endpoint.

Getting Started


For this solution, we use Workitem as the from parameter. We select all the same fields found on the Effort Quicklist, including a sum of the Actuals data. Also following the Effort Quicklist, we filter the results to those that are anywhere under the specified project.

from: PrimaryWorkitem
  - Name
  - Number
  - Parent.Name
  - Member.Name
  - Team.Name
  - Scope.Name
  ​- Actuals.Value.@Sum
  ParentAndUp.Name: CallCenter

In order to execute the query, submit an HTTP POST with the query as the body to query.v1.