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VersionOne®​ Conversations is a feature that allows team members, stakeholders, and others to actively collaborate about anything related to a workitem. Because they are automatically associated with the workitem, you can easily find and keep track of discussions about an item.

The Conversations feature is available in TeamRooms™​, PlanningRooms™, or in the details view of any asset.


Click on the Conversations icon to expand or collapse the conversation stream within the details view of any asset.

Beginning a Conversation

To begin a conversation:

  • Open the details view of an asset, and then click on the Conversations icon. When the Conversations panel expands, type your message in the conversation stream.

  • In a TeamRoom or PlanningRoom, click on the Conversations tab. When the Conversations pane displays, type your message in the conversation stream.

The number on the Conversations icon indicates the number of conversations in the stream. Use the scroll bar to view the entire conversation stream.

Elements of Conversations


Conversations occur freely throughout the system but are self-organized via streams by the people participating in the conversations, the assets mentioned and also where the conversations originate. This means that from a the Detail view, you can see all the conversations where a user has been a participant (started, replied, been mentioned or +me). Likewise, from a story's Detail view you can see every conversation that has mentioned that story.

Note that one conversation may display in multiple streams.  For example, suppose a conversation is started by Alice and she mentions Bob and a story about Encryption; later Chuck replies.  The conversation thread will be visible from the streams of Alice, Bob, Chuck, and in the Encryption story.  These streams are available on the respective detail views and also from within the Conversations page.

When viewing a stream, you will see the name of that stream along with the avatars of all the people who currently follow that stream.  In the case of TeamRooms and PlanningRooms, these people will be the members of the room.


You can mention any number of people and assets when starting or replying to a conversation. To do so, use the mention field to lookup the people or things you want to mention; as you type, the system will search for matches and you can then select exactly what or who you want to mention. 

Guest Collaborators

Guest Collaborators are people who are not VersionOne users. Even so, you can still invite them to participate in a conversation by typing their email address in the Mention or Spaces fields. The recipient will receive an email message with a link to register in your VersionOne system.  After registering, they can participate in the conversation stream.

Security:  Guest Collaborators do not have access to any projects or assets in the system.  They only have access to conversations where they're mentioned or spaces they've been added to.  If they're part of a conversation where someone has mentioned a secured asset, the guest collaborator will see the conversation but not the mentioned asset.

Note that Member and System Administrators can promote a guest collaborator to a fully licensed member.  They can also deactivate guest collaborators.

TeamRooms and PlanningRooms

Conversation streams are available in both TeamRooms and PlanningRooms. Room streams consist of conversations:

  • started within the room, meaning either (the conversations panel within the room or the room stream on the Conversations page)

  • that mention an asset within the project scope of the room, specifically:

    • epics for PlanningRooms

    • workitems for TeamRooms

To see other streams in other rooms that you have access to but aren't a member of, click Show All.


Home shows all the conversations you follow (spaces and people) and those that you explicitly follow or are a participant. A "participant" means that you've started, replied (and not left), or explicitly joined a conversation.

My Stream

This stream shows all of the conversations where you participate, meaning you've started a conversation, replied, been mentioned or follow (+me) a conversation.


Spaces are open areas of focused conversation. Anyone can create a space and anyone can see, follow or converse within a space. When you view a space, you will see the people who follow that space as well as all the conversations within the space. You can then start a conversation within that space.


You can follow specific people in the system.


Members in a conversations participant list will receive an email notification when email is properly configured (SMTP info has been entered in Admin and the member has entered a valid Email address in the profile) and the member has not disabled email notifications in their member preferences.

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