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Close Sprint/Iteration

Last modified 09:24, 20 Nov 2014


This feature is available in Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions.


Common Questions


At the end of each sprint, all open work should either be closed or moved to another sprint. All items in the sprint should be closed before closing the sprint itself.

Closing Workitems

Zeroing out work can be easily accomplished by selecting all rows in the sprint and using the Close multi-select action. Closing a work item automatically zeroes out any remaining To Do on that item. Closing a backlog item or defect will also automatically close any tasks and tests that belong to it. If you are tracking Effort in your system, be sure to do so before closing the items.

Moving Items Forward (Optional)

Items that were not completed during this sprint can be moved forward to the next sprint. If the next sprint has not yet been defined, use the Add sprint function to create it. Drag an open item up to the next sprint to move the item, or use the multi-select checkbox and the Move option to move multiple items at once. Moving a backlog item or defect will automatically move all of its associated tasks and tests as well. Any Effort (Done) expended against items while in this sprint will still remain attached the current sprint for reporting purposes.

Splitting Backlog Items (Optional)

Some teams may choose to split a partially completed backlog item. Select Split for any partially completed backlog items to remove remaining work effort from the current sprint and move it to the following sprint. Splitting the item will create two separate backlog items . The system will automatically push all estimate forward with the new backlog item, so be sure to allocate the estimate for the backlog items appropriately if it should be any different.

Closing the Sprint

When all items have been closed, split or moved forward so there are no Open items remaining in the sprint, an option to Close the current sprint will appear for those with proper access rights (i.e. Project Leads and Administrators). If the next sprint already exists when the current one is closed, the next sprint will automatically be activated. If the next sprint has not yet been created, an option to create it will be displayed for those with access rights. If this is the last sprint in the release or project, simply close the sprint to complete it.

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