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Data Center Infrastructure Migration Status - 9/28/20

Updated V1 Hosted Infrastructure Migration Schedule:

Migration Date URLS
9/5/20 www13, www14
10/3/20 www9, www10, www11, www12, www15, www16
10/10/20 www1, www2, www3, www4, www19
10/17/20 www5, www6, www7, www8, www17

All migrations will follow our normal maintenance schedule time of 12am ET - 2am ET.

With this migration, there will be changes to our outgoing SMTP server IP address and the IP addresses of our public REST API addresses. 

Our new SMTP server (outgoing) IP address is:  
If you whitelist our SMTP IP address, you will need to make this change on your side on the date corresponding to your instance URL (below).

If you use an API URL, due to firewall rules you have configured on your side, the corresponding IP address will need to change as follows:,     =>          , =>,     =>          , =>,     =>          , =>,     =>                                         =>,   =>                                         =>

- Hosted Production Team