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EU Data Center Infrastructure Migration Status

Updated EU Infrastructure Migration Schedule:

Migration Date URL Prefixes affected
12/26/30 www51, www52, www53, www54

This EU infrastructure migration remains on schedule for 12/26/20, 2pm ET - 4pm ET.

With this migration, there will be changes to our outgoing SMTP server IP addresses and the IP address of our public REST API.  You only need to make changes if you have implemented whitelist/firewall changes in the past for either SMTP or REST API.

New EU SMTP server (outgoing) IP addresses:
-    for www51 and www52
-  for www53 and www54
(If you whitelist our SMTP IP address, you will need to make this change on your side on 12/26/20 or soon thereafter.

If you use an API URL, due to firewall rules configured on your side for your integrations, the corresponding IP address will need to change on 12/26/20 or soon thereafter:
-,,,    =>

- Hosted Production Team