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Fall 2012 Point Release #2 - Build

  • Added: Analytics: Improved error handling on start-up.
  • Fixed: PDF generation fails for hosted SSO instances.
  • Fixed: Project Navigator filter labels are erroneously included into filter item hyperlink in Project Bar.
  • Fixed: Upgrade failure with SQL error while converting watched Story subscriptions.
  • Fixed: Datamart: Data Mart ETL fails if the core VersionOne application contains a Custom Numeric Field on Task or Test that has the name as a built-in field.
  • Fixed: Datamart: Improved performance when loading Fact.Epic and Fact.ProjectSummary for customers with complex project and epic hierarchies.
  • Fixed: Datamart: Added logging to remove time gaps in ETL log statements.
  • Fixed: Analytics: The Project Tree in Custom Reporting matches the project tree in the core VersionOne application.
  • Fixed: Analytics: Broken links on Story Analytic Grids.

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