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Fall 2012 Point Release #4 - Build

  • Added: Added the ability for Project Leads (or above) to delete TeamRooms.
  • Fixed: 'Clear all Filters' button does not appear when filters applied via 'More Filters' panel.
  • Fixed: Custom number fields display with wrong precision level.
  • Fixed: Deleted estimates are included in TeamRoom velocity.
  • Fixed: Detail view of Deleted Epic appears as Closed.
  • Fixed: Detail view of Deleted Issue appears as Closed.
  • Fixed: Unable to view details of deleted Programs.
  • Fixed: Edit Action menu for read-only assets is not disabled all the way.
  • Fixed: Effort tracking field labels on task/test changed from 11.3 to 12.0.
  • Fixed: Epic Page Multi-select summaries omit Defects & Test Sets.
  • Fixed: Graphs do not plot zero points.
  • Fixed: License warning message from Excel import does not process html tags.
  • Fixed: Lightbox detection is busted after opening About dialog.
  • Fixed: Roadmap Details has blurred Field Labels in FF.
  • Fixed: Setup doesn't correctly restore app pool after failed upgrade.
  • Fixed: Team Filter in Epic Tree excludes matching Defects and Test Sets.
  • Fixed: Tests cannot be re-assigned to a new epic parent.
  • Fixed: Unhandled AssetMissingException rendering Team Edition Admin menu.
  • Fixed: WIP Group buttons in TeamRoom are not correctly positioned.
  • Fixed: Estimates that are less than 1 do not appear with their items in Backlog and Closed TeamRoom panels.
  • Fixed: Items from closed projects do not participate in TeamRoom velocity metrics.
  • Fixed: Uploaded Attachment size rounds up to multiple of 64K resulting in corrupted files in .NET 4.5 environments.
  • Fixed: Analytics: When upgrading Analytics, Setup would removed custom fields on Epic Details data object in Custom Reporting.

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