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Spring 2012 Point Release #1 - Build

  • Added: Collect initial project and sprint information on a new Application Setup landing page (new Catalyst Edition installations only).
  • Added: Improved layout for Invited Members landing page.
  • Fixed: Effort field does not clear after pressing Enter.
  • Fixed: Templates in closed projects should be filtered out from 'Add from template' grids.
  • Fixed: Import from Excel supports xlsx (excel 2007) file format, but import help hints states only excel 97-2003.
  • Fixed: When the same email is entered multiple times in the Invite Members form, then we should not create duplicate members or send duplicate emails.
  • Fixed: Catalyst Import Template Notes mention assets not available in the Catayst Edition.
  • Fixed: Import Page requires Localization.
  • Fixed: Inactive members should not see the signup page.
  • Fixed: Release Forecast duration does not save.
  • Fixed: Project drop-down does work in IE8 when script errors is enabled.
  • Fixed: IE 8 throws JavaScript errors on Epicboard.
  • Fixed: Invite Members form for Catalyst should omit 'Assign to Project' since all members are assigned to all projects.
  • Fixed: Cumulative Flow on Standup Dashboard should use duration as true duration instead of period.
  • Fixed: Inviting members in catalyst should only show available roles.
  • Fixed: Roadmap items that are linked to VersionOne assets do not load the referenced asset.
  • Fixed: Password Reset page fails when confronted with raw HTML input.
  • Fixed: Unable to reset password using the Forget Password page.

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