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Summer 2012 Point Release #3 - Build

  • Fixed: PDF generation fails for hosted SSO instances.
  • Fixed: "Done" column shows up when Effort Tracking is disabled.
  • Fixed: Adding a new environment during creation of regression test set fails with "Unable to display".
  • Fixed: Asset-based visibility checks are overly liberal.
  • Fixed: Grids are not working for 'All Projects'.
  • Fixed: Project Navigator filter labels are erroneously included into filter item hyperlink in Project Bar.
  • Fixed: Published roadmaps do not handle references to deleted assets.
  • Fixed: Re-rank on task/testboard throws a js error (team room and iteration tracking).
  • Fixed: Script error in IE 8 attempting to create a new Environment.
  • Fixed: Burndowns show a negative number for To Do minimum.
  • Fixed: Upstream/Downstream Dependency descriptions are reversed.

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