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Winter 2012 Point Release #1 - Build

  • Ultimate
  • Enterprise
  • Team
  • Added: Policies on Storyboards.
  • Added: Directly edit any asset from its card on Storyboards, Taskboards and Testboards.
  • Added: Epic moved toward top of Story add/edit forms.
  • Added: Epic Cumulative Flow available in All Reports.
  • Added: Configure SMTP to use 'No-Reply' sender.
  • Added: Help includes importing Epics.
  • Fixed: Story Planner: Name field on Add/Edit Task/Test is too short.
  • Fixed: Pressing ESC or Enter to close a drop-down on an edit form closes the entire form.
  • Fixed: Project navigation failure when deleted schedule was selected prior to delete.
  • Fixed: Ctrl-Clicking asset links no longer respects the browser.
  • Fixed: Epicboard WIP limits are not applied correctly.
  • Fixed: Clicking on link to Story that was once story-based-Epic but converted back, leads user to historical migrated Epic instead of currently active Story.
  • Fixed: List values cannot be moved up by one.
  • Fixed: My Filter with 'Defect Type' is not applied correctly.
  • Fixed: Release Forecast Historical Remaining Totals Too Low.
  • Fixed: js error when downloading sample import file.
  • Fixed: NullReferenceException viewing details of a deleted Attachment.
  • Fixed: Epic Filter Contains invalid results.
  • Fixed: js error on follow / unfollow from following page.
  • Fixed: Enter key triggers wrong action in story planner.
  • Fixed: Action menu drops behind adjacent card when using the highlight feature on boards.
  • Fixed: js error in story planner with tab/Enter key sequence.
  • Fixed: Missing icon on Program details view.
  • Fixed: 'Watch Regression Test' action is missing from regression test grid row actions.
  • Fixed: Setup creates an error when custom tables exist in the database.
  • Fixed: Change Comment is missing from History grid.
  • Fixed: [Analytics][DataMart] Installer no longer warns about SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 version numbers.
  • Fixed: [Analytics] Installer no longer warns about SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 version numbers.
  • Fixed: [Analytics] Video link in Custom Reporting points to the correct version.
  • Fixed: [Analytics] Custom Reporting does not occasionally timeout when adding parameters.
  • Fixed: [Analytics] Improved URL validation on Custom Reporting Dashboard.
  • Fixed: [DataMart] Installer no longer warns about SQL Server 2008, and 2008 R2 version numbers.
  • Fixed: [DataMart] Added a dependency that was missing in the initial release.


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