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Fall 2013 Point Release #5 - Build

New Features


  • New owner lookup component for grid filters and board highlighting.  This is the first step in deprecating the manually maintained owner's list.


  • Planned Begin Date and Planned End Date to Fact.EpicView


  • Planned Begin and End Dates to Epic Analytic Grids



  • Core: Sub-Menu selections do not display properly in IE8.
  • Core: PlanningRooms menu option displayed in Enterprise edition, even though PlanningRooms is an Ultimate only feature.
  • Core: 'My Conversations' stream does not accurately include conversations that were manually subscribed, via the +me action.
  • Core: Notification email messages are being sent even though SMTP is disabled.
  • Analytics: User cannot create a Custom Report using  "Member Effort Report" that contains a Iteration filter set to "Ask In Report".
  • Analytics: Cannot Change Projects on Dashboards when Programs do not exist.
  • Analytics: The Test Trend by Project dashboard panel includes invalid projects when using the program filter.
  • Analytics: AsOf date on the Backlog Matrix is not considered in the query.

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