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Spring 2013 Point Release #1 - Build

New Features


  • Hosted Support Contact List: Occasionaly VersionOne may need to contact the System Administrators of hosted instances to communicate important information regarding planned and unplanned outages. Users who are System Admins will automatilcally have their member detail email addresses added to a support contact list. This list may be viewed and edited in the Adminstration Configuration page of your hosted VersionOne instance.
  • Expanded Epic Filter: The Epic filter on the backlog page has now been expanded so that the filtering capabilites equals the flexibility of the Epic Tree view.
  • Epic Timeline Administration: Administrators are now able to view, filter and manage previously published epic timelines.
  • Conversations Usabilty: The Conversations icon in the Asset Hovers have been improved so that they will visually indicate when an asset has conversation activity. Additionaly, the ability to start a new conversation directly from the asset hover has been re-implemented. It is now also possible to rename any previously created Conversation Space.
  • Conversations Email Notifications: The Conversations email notifications have been simplified to make it easier to understand when to expect emails based on conversations activity. You will now receive conversations emails if you are directly mentioned in the conversation, if you are the owner of an asset that is mentioned in a conversation, if you are a participant of a conversation or if you are watching an asset that is mentioned in a conversation.


  • Customized Email Notifications: It is now possible to customize the email notification messages that are sent for Ideas Status Changes and Ideas Comments.

API Changes

  • New relation to members -- publications
  • Publications have "author"


  • Datamart: Performance Improvement: Indexes are created before calculated fields are populated. During testing we saw 80% faster loads. Your mileage may vary.
  • Core: Member hover does not correctly indicate Conversations "Following" status.
  • Core: Label on Program Assign Projects popup does not display the Program Name.
  • Core: Double Clicking on a row in a filtered grid may cause the row to become hidden.
  • Core: Project Path Attribute does not display in Epic Tree grid.

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