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Winter 2013 Point Release #4 - Build


  • Core: Rich text control errors on raw "< >" characters and may allow specifically crafted unsafe HTML to be rendered.
  • Core: Task/Test cards not colored correctly in IE10.
  • Core: Owner highlighting on Storyboard stops working after card has been dragged.
  • Core: Detail planning and tracking grids produce 'Unable to Display' message when using the Find filter.
  • Core: Conversations not correctly refreshing when viewing from asset details.
  • Core: Detail Estimate attribute not available for Task assets.
  • Core: Backlog panel in Teamroom not displaying all available workitems.
  • Core: API Queries using FIND clause may sometimes return unexpected results.
  • Datamart: Resolved an issue that prevented the Data Martl ETL from completing unless there was an Epic defined. This defect was introduced in the last point release.

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