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Spring 2014 Point Release #3 - Build


  • Better context in the Subject line of Conversation Notifications
  • Changed the multi-select Move to Epic to be a lookup rather than a dropdown list
  • Historical velocity guidance for the Team's Target Velocity is automatically updated when the period information is changed
  • Activity Stream performance improvements


  • Setup fails when the default scheme is customized away from 'dbo'
  • Various Activity Stream updates, including:
    • Wording for Remove activity in the Activity Stream is not clear
    • Long character strings do not wrap
    • Child asset state changes are not included in the parent asset's stream
    • Moves of child asset are not included in the parent asset's stream
    • Paging the stream can miss items logged at the same time
    • Paging and infinite scroll can get out of sync
    • Links to assets go to a stale version of the asset rather than the current version
  • Various Release Planning updates, including:
    • Error in Release Planning after a project Close action is canceled
    • Release Planning page shows an empty Asset Details section for newly created project, which should just be disabled
    • Error when trying to undelete a team with target velocity
    • Teams with only deleted should not show up in the Release Scheduling page Team Details list
    • Release Forecast generates error with Korean locale setting
  • Multi-value shaped subquery over a multi-joined attribute causes an exception in the API
  • Updating rank across pages can cause an Arithmetic Overflow error


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