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Winter 2014 Point Release #2 - Build

New Features


  • My Filters and More Filters can be applied to individual panels in PlanningRooms.
  • Improvements to the Owners Assignment component to limit results to those with project access and removal of Owner List from detail views.
  • Moved the location of the URL Prefix field to the System Config page.


  • Analytic Dashboards now contain labels indicating the configuration settings.


  • Core: Owner Lookup list is not changing relative position when scrolling vertically in TeamRoom.
  • Core: Saving a story created inline clears out the owner field for any other unsaved inline stories.
  • Core: When using the default avatar, it doesn't highlight with proper styling treatment.
  • Core: Some My Filter categories do no show on filter panel.
  • Core: Release Scheduling bucket menus not always available even with the proper edit rights.
  • Core: Users may accidentally choose "Myself" if they press enter too quickly after entering an owner in the owner lookup.
  • Core: Selected 'My Filter' value in filter panel is not unique per panel instance.;
  • Core: 500 errors when trying to add an image to some types Description field.
  • Core: Closed epics appear in epicboard epic filter.
  • Core: Member Group filter does not work on unassigned member list for Planning Rooms.
  • Core: Add epic from Planning Room Epic Tree is labeled as 'Epic Tree' instead of 'Epic'.
  • Core: Dependencies report on backlog page fails.
  • Core: Text overlap issues in the asset detail view after adding menued links.
  • Analytics: Resolved SQL errors that occurred when email charts.
  • Analytics: Iteration based charts are consistent in showing the current iteration.
  • Analytics: Feature Completion Chart contains % symbol.
  • Analytics: Start Date and Duration behave correctly on Charts.
  • Analytics: Effort Grid updates Start and End Date correctly when filtering on Sprints.
  • Analytics: Project Cache reloads after an ETL run.
  • Analytics: Dashboards that contain a Custom Reports panel can be exported to PDF or eMailed.

Known issue: We cannot export Analytics Dashboard Custom Reports panels to PDF or email them.

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