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Winter 2014 Point Release # 6 - Build


  • Release Scheduling: A new alert has been added when an epic's children appear to be misaligned. When an epic is dragged into a release and the epic contains children (epics and/or backlog) that are in some other release/project, the system alerts the user and provides an option to unite all of the epics' child items in the same release into which the epic has been moved.


  • Core: Install secure db user with only reader and writer roles.
  • Core: Taskboard customizations do not save after viewing legend     
  • Core: Print Cards doesn't honor all filters which are applied to the associated gadget     
  • Core: Epic Picker shows closed epics under expanded nodes
  • Core: Closing a project or editing a story in the release scheduling causes a null oid error
  • Core: Missing SQL object permissions with UseExistingUser
  • Core: "Display Fields" scopes query performance improvement
  • Core: "Display Fields" page times out with many list-values x projects
  • Core: Save new asset with custom-attributes emits multiple AssetAudit tracking statements    
  • Datamart: Data Mart ETL fails when custom dropdowns names are SQL Server keywords

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