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Fall 2015 Point Release #2 - Build


  • Ability to group items on the Storyboard for items with no value (NONE swim lane) show up at the top or the bottom of the board
  • Release Forecasting: Added the ability to perform what-if forecast for specific
    • Backlog Item Types - What if we only fixed defects or only delivered stories?
    • Backlog Groups - What if we only completed work in a specific Backlog Group?
    • Priorities  - What if we only finished the High priority items?
  • Release Forecasting: Added the ability to view remaining work by Priority or by Backlog Item Type.
  • Budgets:  Edit
  • Project Timeline:  Filters are applied through the hierarchy below the selected Project
  • Improved visibility of ability to drag and drop items in the backlog
  • By Count Progress Bars on Details Pages and Grids now honor the "By Count" user preference setting
  • Analytics: Workitem Cycle Time by Asset Type, Priority & Custom Fields
  • Analytics: Epic Burn-Up Panels Use Epic Start And End Dates


  • Regression test tags surrounded by brackets do not display in grid
  • Asset action menu on a storyboard sometimes opens as blank
  • Teamroom Burndown chart doesn't always refresh after To Do data on a workitem is updated within the room
  • Project Burndown by Iteration does not order visible sprints by date
  • Project Burndown By Iteration Fails with JSON error if selected project has no qualifying data    
  • Multi-Select Move to Team or Move to Backlog Group throws an error
  • Project Timeline
    • Closed Projects are hidden by default and added a filter to show closed projects
    • When using a Program Filter, only Projects in the Program are visible.
  • Epic Progress Report panel in Planning Rooms is blank
  • Project Burndown by Iteration does not order visible sprints by date  
  • Fixed error messages seen when exporting My Dashboard to PDF
  • Fixed "Unable to Display" error message on Detail Estimate by Sprint.
  • Analytic Grids: Export to PDF includes everything on the page, not just the table.
  • Custom Reporting: Removed unwanted image from reports exported to PDF
  • Move to Team and Move to Backlog Group Multi Action results in Server Error in Grids

Auto-update date 11/21/2015

If your system is not in the auto-upgrade program, contact Support to be added to the program or to schedule your upgrade.

  1. Contact support if you need a 2015 annual license for your On-Site system.
  2. Download the appropriate edition below.

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