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Fall 2015 Point Release #5 - Build


  • Scorecard percent complete honors users aggregation preference for count or estimate
  • Effort Trend report does not consider effort effective past today
  • Release Forecasting: Support forecasting a future date if Remaining Estimate and Velocity are provided
  • Release Forecasting: Support for forecasting by specified interval
  • CommitStream: Click asset mentions in digest view opens the asset
  • DevOps Center: View response message from remote system and visual indicator of success or failure


  • "Unable to Display" error when customizing panels in a planning room
  • When configuring values for Workitem Cycle Time, they are not properly defaulting to filters within the inline report
  • PDF generation times out when My Dashboard is empty of panels
  • PDF generation on Stand-Up dashboard does not work
  • Team Room Scorecard Planned vs Actual Velocity does not take TeamRoom filter into account

Auto-update date 1/16/2016

If your system is not in the auto-upgrade program, contact Support to be added to the program or to schedule your upgrade.

  1. Contact support if you need a 2015 annual license for your On-Site system.
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