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Summer 2015 Release Notes

Updated User Interface
Core Reporting Updates
Data Mart     
Integration Updates  
Platform Change
System Requirements Changes
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Release Summary Video

Get a quick tour of the major features of this release. The Release Summary video includes segments on:

Updated User Interface

We updated the VersionOne user interface (UI) for a new, modern look and feel. The new UI sports a clean and airy look with no unnecessary lines and borders in order to make the content more visible.

All of the buttons in the application have been restyled in order to highlight important actions and de-emphasize less important actions.

The navigation elements have received a high contrast styling in order to make it easier to visually distinguish the navigation area from the content area.

New User Interface


TeamRoom ScorecardWe have added two new scorecards in the Summer 2015 release: one in TeamRooms and another for Iterations.  The TeamRoom Scorecard is available as a panel in your TeamRoom.  The Iteration Scorecard is available on the Details page for an Iteration.  The data on both is limited to work in the selected Iteration.  As with other scorecards in the application, these scorecards are responsive, URL addressable, and comprised of three sections.  At the top, are summary metrics for progress and the work being delivered.  In the middle there are four charts: the Workitem Cumulative Flow chart, the Burn-Up chart, a chart to trend the remaining ToDo (aka Iteration Burndown),  and a chart showing planned vs actual velocity for the last four iterations.  At the bottom of the scorecard, the work is broken down by teams, projects, portfolio items, and members.  

Other Scorecard Enhancements

  • Chart switching on all scorecards has been enhanced to support pausing, selecting individual charts, and single stepping through the available charts. 

  • Scorecards automatically update every 15 minutes.

  • Scorecards honor System and Workspace settings.

  • Portfolio Item Swag is now part of Portfolio Item breakdown on all scorecards.

  • Breakdown Section Titles load properly when Scorecards are initially displayed.

  • Chart dates honor locale settings.


Accessing Topics

In addition to having the ability to pin relevant topics to all of the application pages, users can now pin relevant topics to a panel in each TeamRoom and Planning Room. These topics are specific for each instance of a room, making this a great place to share team documents, such as the Definition of Done or the Working Agreement.

Joining a Community

Joining a community allows users to receive notifications whenever a community topic is added, changed, or deleted. This way, users can stay in touch with everything that happens in the communities they care about without having to keep checking the community page.

Viewing Topic History

Topic change history can now be viewed when viewing the topic details. It is presented as an Activity Stream and will capture any add, change or delete events, as well as when topics were pinned or unpinned from application pages.


BudgetsBudgeting capabilities are introduced to allow allocation of the total capacity expected for a given timeframe across the organization. Project-based budget segments are included in this release as the initial set of budgeting capabilities under Portfolio Planning. Enter an estimate-based budget total for a high-level project and allocate the budget across child project segments. Compare the budget amount to what is actually planned in given timeframe and track progress vs. the budget as the work moves forward. 

Budgets are designed to allow the creation of multiple versions for any given project. You can create Annual, Half-year, Quarterly and Monthly budgets. You can create draft budgets and multiple variations to examine different allocations. Keep the one(s) you decide to go with and discard the rest.

Core Reporting Updates

My Dashboard

The My Dashboard page, located in the My Home section of the application, was updated to use the new reporting technology.  This page allows users to build a custom dashboard containing the following panels:  Project Burndown, Iteration Burndown, Workitem Trend, Defect Priority Trend, Test Trend and Velocity Trend.  You can add multiple instances of each chart type and, by default ,the instance follows the user's Project and Program Settings.  The panels are configurable, allowing users to lock the Project or other filter options.  The configuration options also let you rename the panel.  Finally, each panel can be individually exported to PNG, CSV, or XLS format.  The entire page can be printed or exported to PDF. 

My Dashboard

By Count Reporting

To better support teams that are practicing Kanban, the following reports now support aggregation by count as well as by sum of estimate.  When this option is selected, the results of the report are based on Workitem Count.  The default behavior is to aggregate by the sum of the estimate; however if you choose the By Count option, that selection is persisted and used the next time you run the selected report.

Cumulative Flow By Count

StandUp Dashboard Enhancements

  • Both charts on the Standup Dashboard contain a legend, have a Large View option, and support exporting to PNG, CSV, or XLS.

  • The Date and Interval controls for the Cumulative Flow chart was replaced with a control that allows you select the number of previous days you wish to view.  

  • The Cumulative Flow configuration values are now persisted.   

  • PDF and Print Options work in Internet Explorer.

Other Core Report Enhancements

  • By default, the Velocity Trend report only considers Closed Workitems and we added an option to Show Active workitems.  The Average line calculation only considers Closed worktems in visible Iterations that end before today; it does not consider closed work in the current Iteration or any future iteration.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Portfolio Item filtering on the Project Burndown in Safari.

  • The Estimate Trend report was renamed to Workitem Trend.

Data Mart 

  • Updated Indexes and Statistics to improve load performance

  • Added StrategicThemeAssetState to support ignoring Closed Strategic Themes in reports 


The Analytics User Interface was updated to align with the changes in the core product.  As part of this change, we also removed the number of clicks required to configure a dashboard and add panels.  You can now add panels directly to any dashboard and the configuration icon is used to configure dashboard parameters.  Also as part of this change, Analytic Grids were updated to move the Table-specific configuration options into the Table Container.  This change enforces the fact that these option only impact the table and not other not other elements on the page.  

Other Enhancements in the Analytics application

  • The Portfolio Item filter control was changed from a dropdown control to a search control. This change improves the page load times for customers with lots of Portfolio Items.  As a result, you will need to re-set you Portfolio Item filter the next time you configure a dashboard panel that is filterable by Portfolio Items.

  • When clicking on a Custom Report link, users are now taken directly to that Custom Report after authentication. 

  • Setup properly updates credentials when upgrading and switching database connection settings.

Integration Updates

Updated! VersionOne IssueSync for JIRA

Formerly known as the "VersionOne Integration for JIRA", IssueSync for JIRA is a refresh of the integration that includes the following changes:

  • Switched from XML-RPC to REST API for JIRA access

  • Added support for VersionOne Access Tokens

  • Verified on JIRA 5 and 6

  • Now targets .NET Framework 4.5.1

For documentation and downloads, see VersionOne IssueSync for JIRA

Deprecated Integrations

The following integrations were sunset in the Spring 2014 and  Summer 2014 release, and as explained in our Sunset Policy for Integrations, are now deprecated and no longer supported. They will remain open-source and community supported.

CommitStream TeamRoom PanelCommitstreamTeamRoom04.png

The new CommitStream TeamRoom panel provides TeamRoom users the same real-time commit information previously available only inside workitem details. The panel presents the stream of commit data relevant to ALL workitems for the entire list of repositories that has been configured. Users have the option to view commit data from the global repository list created by the VerionOne admin or they can alternatively create a custom list of repositories, exclusive to their TeamRoom.


Platform Changes

New: Budget and Allocation Assets

Budgeting and allocation assets provide the ability to create a budget for a parent scope (project), then assign allocations against the budget to child scopes (projects). 

Updated: Community and Member Assets

The Community asset has a Followers attribute that relates to Members. The corresponding attribute on the Member asset is FollowedCommunities. Members that follow a Community will receive notifications when the community or its content changes. 

Updated: .NET (v15.1.0.0) and Java (v15.1.0) SDK

The .NET and Java SDKs have been updated with the following changes:

  • Added V1Connector.UseOAuthEndpoints method to allow the use of access tokens with Windows Integrated Authentication instances of VersionOne

  • Deprecated the V1Connector.UseEndpoint method

  • Added SaveAttachment/GetAttachment methods to Services class

  • Added SaveEmbeddedImage/GetEmbeddedImage methods to Services class

  • Deprecated IAttachments interface and Attachments class

For documentation and downloads for the .NET SDK, see VersionOne .NET SDK?

For documentation and downloads for the Java SDK, see VersionOne Java SDK?

Sunset: API Support for Basic and Windows Integrated Authentication

For the Summer 2015 release we are formally announcing our intent to remove basic username/password and NTLM support from our APIs, with Access Tokens and OAuth2 being the only API authentication methods that we will support. To be clear, this does not means that we are removing support for username/password and NTLM from VersionOne itself, this will only affect our API. Note that we will continue to support all forms of API authentication until the Winter 2016 release, giving our customers approximately six months to make the necessary adjustments. Once the Winter 2016 release is made generally available, we will only support authenticating to our API using Access Tokens and OAuth2.

System Requirements Changes



  • Rich Text MentionsStrategic Themes was separated from the Portfolio Tree page and moved to it's own separate page under the Portfolio Planning menu.

  • Rich Text fields now allow inserting links to any asset by using the @ sign as a lookup trigger. Select any matching asset as a direct asset reference within the rich text field. After saving, you can click through on the link to view the details of the specified asset. Use this linking for free-form association in a wiki-like manner:

    • reference a set of potentially related defects

    • point from one Community topic to another

    • reference changes being made in a similar story

    • point to test criteria established on another item 

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