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Winter 2015 Point Release #5 - Build


  • Access Tokens
    • Application asset for grouping grants
    • Enhanced Applications administration
      • Ability to create a public application
      • Display of all public and personal applications in an instance
      • Ability to revoke an application and all its associated grants
      • Ability to promote a personal application to public
      • Filter to show revoked applications and grants
      • Ability to create a public application
      • Ability to edit applications
    • Enhanced Member Applications screen
      • Launched from user dropdown menu
      • Four step guide for creating applications and grants
      • Grouping of personal and public applications
  • Strategic Themes
    • Custom fields support for strategic themes


  • Reporting and Analytics
    • Velocity Chart is missing average line and target estimate
    • Release Burndown report times out in Team Edition
    • Velocity Trend in Team Edition returns no results
    • Error on Iteration Scheduling page upon running Velocity Chart
    • Workitem Cycle Time Report export is missing estimate and cycle time values
    • Analytics administration test connection response is too small to read
  • Security Improvements
    • Secure flag now set on cookies for on-demand instances
    • Attachment downloads only open 'safe' attachment file types, all others are downloaded to the local machine
  • Other
    • Custom fields across asset types can be duplicated when differing only by letter case
    • Missing scrollbar when adding a TeamRoom
    • Generate regression test from a worktitem copies data into the regression test description

Auto-Upgrade Date: 2/28/2015

If your system is not in the auto-upgrade program, contact Support to be added to the program or to schedule your upgrade.

Contact support using the appropriate button below to obtain a new 2015 Release annual license and your download link for your On-Site system.


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