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Winter 2017 Release Notes

Release Summary

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  • Save/Share Analytics Dashboards

  • Timesheet Approvals

  • Roadmap Publishing

  • DAAG Filtering

  • Continuum Updates


Feature Breakdown

Team Edition
Catalyst Edition
Enterprise Edition
Ultimate Edition
Save & Share Analytics Dashboards       In this Edition  
Slack Integration     In this Edition In this Edition  
Timesheet Review and Approvals     In this Edition In this Edition  
Roadmap Publishing       In this Edition  
Delivery at a Glance Filtering & Management     In this Edition In this Edition  
Analytics Updates       In this Edition  
Integration Updates In this Edition In this Edition In this Edition In this Edition  
Platform Updates In this Edition In this Edition In this Edition In this Edition  
Continuum Updates         In this Edition
System Requirements Changes In this Edition In this Edition In this Edition In this Edition  
Miscellaneous In this Edition In this Edition In this Edition In this Edition  

How to Upgrade


On-demand (auto-upgrade)

If your system is not in the auto-upgrade program, contact support to be added to the program or to schedule your upgrade. Jan. 28 Jan. 28 Feb. 4 Feb. 4 N/A


Contact support for a new 2017 annual license for your on-site system.     Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us

If you are not a current customer, email us at to get started.

Save & Share Analytics Dashboards

Save and Share DashboardsAre you a coach or ScrumMaster for multiple teams in your organization?  Do you have responsibility for multiple development efforts in your organization?  Have you ever needed, or wanted, to switch between multiple dashboards that are configured slightly differently?  If any of these apply to you, check out the new Save and Share ability we've added to the level-based dashboards in Analytics. 

The Dashboard Save and Share functionality in Analytics allows you to create new Dashboards, configure them independently, and share them with other Lifecycle Members in your organization.  You also have the ability to organize Dashboards into folders and share an entire folder.  The saved Dashboards contain more than just panel layout and panel parameters; they also contain the Project and Program page level parameters as well.  As a result, when you share the Dashboard, the viewer sees the Dashboard exactly as it was configured.  Security when viewing a shared dashboard is that of the viewer.  Therefore, a viewer may see different results on a Dashboard if their security settings are not the same as the Dashboard creator. 

This feature is only available on the level-based dashboard; the Dashboards labeled “Dashboard” under the Enterprise, Portfolio, Program, and Team.  Save and Share functionality is not available on the role-based dashboards; the dashboards labeled Executive, Product Owner, ScrumMaster, Quality, and Team.

Slack Integration

Slack NotificationTeam members utilizing Slack no longer have to check their email or Lifecycle inbox for notifications to their subscriptions.  Support for Slack notifications using Slack incoming webhooks has been added.  A user can harness existing Lifecycle subscriptions. After entering the incoming webhook provided by Slack the notifications will be sent to the Slack destination provided by the user during setup when a subscription is triggered.

Timesheet Review and Approval

Timesheet ApprovalsTeam members can now submit Timesheets in LifeCycle for their managers to review and approve. Approved timesheets are no longer editable by the team member.

The managers can easily find submitted Timesheets, which need to be approved or see the last submitted timesheets for their teams.

See the timesheet audit trail by running the Timesheet Audit Report, conveniently linked on the timesheet pages. Audit Timesheet actions by date range, by team member or by manager. If your auditor doesn't have access to LifeCycle, simply export this report as an Excel file.

Roadmap Publishing

Published Roadmap & RevisionsPublish consistent roadmaps based on your Saved Views. Published roadmaps are now a logical extension of Saved Views, as the My Published Roadmaps feature has been upgraded to a more accessible Published Roadmaps listing specific to each Saved View. Product owners and others with system logins can see the revision history and access historically published roadmap revisions whenever needed.

Each Published roadmap has a unique URL so you can share it with others, even those who do not have a login to Lifecycle. Your Roadmap viewers can bookmark the URL and use repeatedly to see always the latest and greatest.

Other Roadmap Updates

  • Click-to-add capability on the board layout to build out a roadmap from scratch or add to an existing roadmap.

  • Generate pdf from roadmap available from both the timeline and board layouts to print and email roadmap for offline viewing.

With this release, the legacy roadmap feature has been completely removed as first announced in the Summer '16 Release Notes

Delivery at a Glance Filtering & Management

  • The following Delivery at a Glance "View by Portfolio Item" view was updated as follows:

    • Top level portfolio items now allow expansion to view children portfolio items

    • Portfolio item owner filter has been added

    • Portfolio item names now offer hyperlink to the particular portfolio item asset

    • Sticky headers have been added

  • Delivery at a Glance configuration now persists (filters, views, etc)

  • Packages can now be closed or deleted from the Delivery at a Glance board


  • Delivery at a Glance performance has been improved for Internet Explorer and Edge browsers 



  • Portfolio Item Progress Report (aka Epic Progress Report) now has an owner filter.


  • Member Admin Privileges are properly updated in Custom Reporting when they change in Lifecycle.
  • Special Characters in Backlog Items Names no longer result in errors when adding a chart to an Analtyics Grid.

Integration Updates

IssueSync for Jira

  • Added support for V7.0 and higher, removed OAuth and basic authentication support.

Platform Updates


OAuth Support

  • OAuth support has been completely removed from Lifecycle in favor of access tokens, for more information about Lifecycle access tokens please click here.

  • If OAuth is still in use for an integration or a custom report updating to 17.0 will cause that integration or custom report to no longer function.  Do not update until OAuth has been switched over to access token. 


  • Pipeline commands now support creation of branches for TFS, Bitbucket, and Github.

  • File-based risk metrics are now being calculated. Files with any amount of defects associated with them will receive a "risk factor".

  • Continuum now supports adding “directives” for packages. This allows you to execute discrete actions when a package enters a particular phase.

  • Pipelines can now be run directly from  the pipeline definition editor for testing purposes.

  • Pipelines instance can now be re-run.

  • Git merge commits are now NOT counted as change and thereby will not show up as unmanaged or rogue.

  • Fixed vulnerabilities to prevent possible JavaScript injection or cross site scripting (XSS).

  • Contributor report has been updated to accurately reflect contributor names linked to Continuum user accounts.

  • Packages can now be removed from the progression board.

For additional release details, refer to the Continuum Release Notes page.

ALM Connect

  • Added support for CA PPM. 

System Requirements Changes

No changes. See System Requirements for details.


  • PI Objectives

    • Business Value score updates when customizing the PI Objectives grid

    • Add Objective inline

    • You can now drag and drop portfolio items and/or backlog items to assign to a backlog goal/objective using the Release Scheduling page.

    • Backlog Goals/Objectives now display on Portfolio Item Visualization diagrams.

    • Portfolio Item now display on Backlog Goals/Objectives Visualization diagrams.

    • Improved scrolling view on the Release Scheduling page.

  • Sprint Scheduling

    • Visualization Updates

    • Side Panel Schedule Details Hover

    • Progress Bar shows Planned vs Target

    • Ability to save Target when switching between sprints or page refresh

    • The Team Scheduling page has been deprecated in favor of the new Iteration/Sprint Scheduling page

  • Admin

    • Updated Applications styling

    • Ability to view and change existing terminology settings when browser does not support that language

    • Added support for full localization identifiers on the Terminology page

  • Reporting & Analytics

    • Added the ability to filter by Team on Story Count By Iteration.

    • Added option to hide closed work items on Strategic Theme Visualization.

    • Added ability to filter by owner on Portfolio Item Progress Report Dashboard panel and chart.

    • Added Create Date and Created by attributes to the following analytic grids

      • Epic

      • Backlog Item

      • Story

      • Defect

      • TestSet

      • Task

      • Test

    • The Start Date defaults to the latter of the Project Start Date or the date one year in the past from today for the following charts

      • Team Burndown

      • Team Test Trend

      • Team Workitem Trend

      • Velocity By Date

      • Velocity by Priority

      • Velocity By Project

      • Velocity By Status

      • Detail Estimate Trend

      • Request Trend

      • Active Member Trend

  • Scorecards

    • Project and Program Scorecard: Display selected Epics with child Epics and Stories that are in or out of the selected project

    • Strategic Theme Scorecard: Cumulative Flow Chart Start Date defaults to greater of today minus 12 months or the Strategic Theme Create Date

    • Strategic Theme Scorecard: Project breakdown excludes closed projects

    • Scope Scorecard: option was added to view Active Portfolio Items in Scope or out of Scope.

  • Integrations

    • Added ability to run Lifecycle API queries using Access Tokens

Point Releases

For a complete listing of point releases, see Point Release Notes by Product.