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Fall 2018 Release Notes

Fall 2018 Release Notes
The Fall 2018 release includes support for sharing My Views and Outbound Webhook support for VersionOne.  Continuum has several new enhancements which include support for Teams and integrations with Parasoft and Compuware.


Release Summary

Highlights Video

  • Lifecycle:

    • Shared Views

  • Continuum

    • Teams and RBAC

    • Quality Insights

    • New Integrations

  • Platform

    • Webhooks

  • ALM Connect

    • System Support



Feature Breakdown

Team Edition
Catalyst Edition
Enterprise Edition
Ultimate Edition
Continuum ALM Connect
Shared Views      
Continuum Teams          
Quality Insights          
ALM Connect          
System Requirements Changes            

How to Upgrade


On-demand (auto-upgrade)

If your system is not in the auto-upgrade program, contact support to be added to the program or to schedule your upgrade. November 3 November 3 November 10 November 10 October 31 N/A


Contact support for a new 2018 annual license for your on-site system.     Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us

If you are not a current customer, email us at to get started.



Join us on November 8th at 12pm ET for our Release Review.

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Shared Views

VersionOne users can now share a saved view from their My View dropdown.  A URL is provided that can be sent via email or chat client that another user can1234567ggfrtyuik.png click for enhanced collaboration. Project (if saved), filters and grid configuration are sent via the URL for the receiving user.  This ensure a consistent view during discussion and keeps users on the same page.  Security is still in place, for instance if the sender has access to 10 projects and the receiving user has only 7.  The receiving user will only see those 7 projects worth of data. 




Continuum Teams

Continuum Teams - In a significant enterprise scale improvement, Continuum is excited to announce the introduction of Teams.  This new architectural feature helps organize reporting and analytics, configuration, orchestration routines, and administration responsibilities in a more compartmentalized way - protecting users from information overload and ensuring configuration can only be managed by appropriate people.

Hand in hand with Teams comes similarly expanded Role Based Access Control.  Users can now be affiliated with multiple roles within the scope of the Teams of which they are members.  Additionally, System Administrators are no longer super-users - they have the ability to manage system settings and manage security, but do not necessarily have access to change Team level automation or project configuration.  All this provides greater granularity and separation of duties, ensuring the integrity of the system.

Quality Insights

Package Revisions can now be decorated with quality statistics, including Failed Test Count, Severity One Violation Count, and Test Coverage Percentage.  Package Revisions that exceed defined thresholds will be indicated on the Progression.  These Quality indicators bring crucial metrics directly to the attention of anyone monitoring releases in the Continuum Value Stream dashboard.

Quality insights can come from many sources - either via our new integration with Parasoft's DTP, or through a new plugin capable of accepting quality data from various other tools.

Continuum Integrations

Continuum has added a number of new official integrations and plugins, including:

  • Parasoft's DTP
  • Compuware ISPW
  • Kubernetes.



Outbound webhook support has been added to VersionOne.  Simply choose which asset and whether events should be sent for asset created or asset changed.  Asset changed would include events such as Name change or the Status changing for a given asset.  Identifying information along with what changed and who completed the action are sent in the webhook payload.  The following assets are supported for event triggers:

  • Portfolio Items
  • Stories
  • Defects
  • Tasks
  • Tests
  • Test Sets
  • Requests
  • Issues
  • Teams
  • Members
  • Iterations
  • Projects
  • Backlog Groups

Click Here for Webhook Documentation

TeamSync for Jira

TeamSync is now available as open source and community supported. TeamSync is a starting point for users who need to implement a custom integration from scratch between Jira and VersionOne.

Link to Community Page

Link to Github Repo

Link to AppCatalog Page

ALM Connect

  • Support for Helix ALM/TestTrack Version 2018.2
  • Support for Salesforce Lightning 
  • Support traceability for Database connector
  • Support for Issues, Epics in Git-Lab


System Requirements Changes

No Changes. See Lifecycle System Requirements for details.

Point Releases

For a complete listing of point releases, see Point Release Notes by Product.