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Spring 2018 Release Notes

Release Summary

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  • Lifecycle:

    • Usability Improvements

  • Continuum

    • Configuration in Version Control

    • Audit/Compliance Reporting

    • VSTS/TFS Integration

    • TeamForge Integration Enhancements



Feature Breakdown

Team Edition
Catalyst Edition
Enterprise Edition
Ultimate Edition
Continuum ALM Connect
Usability Improvements    
Continuum Features          
Other Continuum Enhancements          
System Requirements Changes            

How to Upgrade


On-demand (auto-upgrade)

If your system is not in the auto-upgrade program, contact support to be added to the program or to schedule your upgrade. Apr 28 Apr 28 May5 May 5 N/A N/A


Contact support for a new 2018 annual license for your on-site system.     Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us

If you are not a current customer, email us at to get started.


Usability ImprovementsAdding a Story directly to the Storyboard

Continuing the important theme of usability improvements in VersionOne Lifecycle, we have added several features that will delight many of our users.

Milestone dates can now be easily changed by dragging the Milestone on the Roadmap in either the Timeline or the Board view.

Due to popular demand, users can now add items in place directly on all boards (TeamRoom, PlanningRoom, Storyboard). One click of the mouse, enter the title and the new item is placed on your board. (see image on the right)

Finally, we added the ability to drag items between swim lanes on both Storyboards and Epicboards (aka Portfolio Kanban), making this process quick and intuitive.


Continuum: Configuration in Version Control

Continuum now provides the capability of exporting all its configuration objects so they can be stored in your VCS of choice. Exporting the new Continuum "catalog" will provide explicit objects for packages, pipelines, projects, and tasks. It will allow Continuum users to track changes with a higher level of detail as well as track author changes. This functionality can be used both to recover from ill-conceived changes as well as a formal backup mechanism, allowing you to leverage the existing best practices around version control in your group.



Audit Report

Continuum: Audit/Compliance Report

The package revision audit report provides summarized information on all the activities & controls applied to a package revision (software release) including relevant users, supporting documentation, links, commits, and workitems. Provides auditors and compliance officers a centralized location with all the necessary information that shows a software release has been through the required steps as specified by the administrator.





VSTS Integration


Continuum: VSTS/TFS Integration

Full support for Microsoft VSTS/TFS (Visual Studio Team Services/Team Foundation Server) ALM capabilities. Continuum can now track workitems (i.e. stories and defects) being tracked in VSTS/TFS and provide visibility and insights through the progression board and the metrics dashboard.


TeamForge Integration


Continuum: TeamForge Integration Enhancements

When using TeamForge ALM integration, allows Continuum users to specify tracker types used for value-add items (i.e. stories) and maintenance items (i.e. defects). Enables Continuum to calculate “risk” metrics for a progression as well as display different objects for “improve” and “maintain” on the progression board.



System Requirements Changes

No Changes. See Lifecycle System Requirements for details.

Point Releases

For a complete listing of point releases, see Point Release Notes by Product.