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Spring 2019 Release Notes

Spring 2019 Release Notes
The Spring 2019 VersionOne release includes improvements to PlanningRooms, TeamRooms, Story Boards, and Portfolio Kanbans.  Continuum introduces the Feature Progression Board and Single Sign On support.  Ideas enhancements include Single Sign On and GDPR support.

Release Summary

Highlights Video

  • VersionOne:

    • Web Panels in PlanningRooms

    • TeamRoom Consistency Improvements

    • Storyboard Quick Add Updates

    • Portfolio Kanban Rollup Categories

    • Portfolio Kanban Strategic Theme and Custom Multi-select Swim Lanes

  • Continuum

    • Feature Progression Board

    • Single Sign-On Support

    • Pending Page Enhancements

  • Ideas

    • Single SignOn

    • Profile Edit and Delete


Feature Breakdown

Team Edition
Catalyst Edition
Enterprise Edition
Ultimate Edition
Continuum ALM Connect Ideas
Web Panel in PlanningRooms            

TeamRoom Consistency Improvements

Portfolio Kanban Rollup Categories            
Portfolio Kanban Strategic Theme & Custom Multi-select Swim Lanes            
Feature Progression Board            
Continuum SSO            
Pending Page Enhancements            
Platform Feature    
Ideas SSO            
Ideas Profile Edit and Delete            
System Requirements Changes    

How to Upgrade


On-demand (auto-upgrade)

If your system is not in the auto-upgrade program, contact support to be added to the program or to schedule your upgrade. May 4 May 4 May 11 May 11 N/A N/A May 11


Contact support for a new 2019 annual license for your on-site system.     Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us  

If you are not a current customer, email us at to get started.



PlanningRoom Improvements

PlanningRooms provide a focused interface for planning activities and provide wide visibility at the appropriate planning level.  In this release we added a Web Panel to the list of available panels and persistent the collapsed state of the header. 

Web panels can be setup per PlanningRoom and configured to show a web page in a PlanningRoom panel.  The usage possibilities are unlimited but could include having quick access to things like Ideas, web based usability tools, web based calendars or other web applications from the internet or your corporate intranet.  Note: Cross-Site scripting rules are honored; therefore if the website prevents embedding, it will not be rendered in the PlanningRoom.

TeamRoom Improvements

TeamRooms provide a focused interface for teams to plan, track and collaborate on their work.  In this release we added configuration options to provide consistency when creating new backlog and viewing metrics.  Additionally, we updated the TeamRoom tooltip to consistently show configuration parameters

The Default Planning Level configuration parameter specifies the default location where new work items are created.  This ensures that new work items are always created in the same place when TeamRooms configurations span planning levels.  Note, that this parameter only determines the default value for Planning Level when creating a new work item.  Nothing prevents the person creating the new work item from changing this value.  You can also still change planning level on work items when editing the work item.

The "Show Reports by Work Item Count" configuration parameter specifies how values for metrics are presented in TeamRooms.  This parameter overrides your Member preference and ensures that everyone looking at the TeamRoom sees the same values in the heads-up metrics and on Scorecards.

Storyboard Quick Add Changes

The Storyboard Quick Add feature was restyled and updated to support required fields and additional data entry at work item creation.  The first thing you will notice when you hover over a column is that we replaced the green plus sign with asset specific icons.  You'll also notice that these icons are now place at the end list for each column, and not at the bottom of the column.  When clicking an icon, the corresponding asset creation lightbox is opened with the fields populated correctly and the cursor positioned in the Title field.  This change not only allows you to set values on required fields, or add additional details, it also provides you with more options on create - such as create and view or create and new for rapidly entering multiple items.

Portfolio Kanban Board Enhancements

The Portfolio Kanban board now supports Rollup Categories as columns, Strategic Theme swimlanes, and custom multi-select swimlanes.

When viewing a portfolio kanban, you sometimes just want to know what's not started, what's currently in progress, and what's complete. Now, you can confgure a portfolio kanban board to show columns by rollup category.  This allows you to do a quick assessment of portfolio item progress without having to track across the more granular portfolio item status values.

Portfolio Kanban grouping options now include Strategic Themes and custom multi-select fields. Grouping creates kanban swimlanes that correspond to the selected grouping option.



Feature Progression Board

Starting in 19.0 Continuum would gather parent or feature related data for workitems in VersionOne, Jira and Azure Devops.  Prior to 19.1 the parent data was only available on the workitem detail page.  The name, system ID and an external link were available from this page. In the Spring release a user can now navigate to the feature progression board under the progression menu.  This board will display workitems in their respective phases in a swimlane for each feature or parent that data is collected for. This is especially useful for Continuum users who utilize Jira or Azure Devops to have one place to go within Continuum to view feature maturity.  To avoid hovering to see workitem information if a user clicks on the title of the feature on the board they will be presented with a workitem perspective filtered by the parent feature.   In addition to these new enhancements a feature perspective is also available under the perspective menu. 

SSO Support

Continuum SSO support improves security and productivity since users do not have to log in to individual applications. Continuum supports authentication via SAML 2.0 compliant external user authentication tools such as Okta, Centrify and OneLogin. Simply import the IdP's Metadata XML file to enable and configure SSO in Continuum. For more information about how to configure SSO in Continuum, see: Continuum SSO Configuration

Pending Page Enhancements and Notifications

Using the Pending Page's new smart filter option, a user can now filter, identify and act on specific activities or interactions.  The pending page now includes additional information providing more context of pending items. Pending manual activities are now easier to locate.  When a user has a pending manual activity assigned to them, Continuum shows the notifications in the top right corner.  This new addition provides the option to easily approve or reject the manual activates assigned. 


SSO (Single Signon)

Ideas instance can now be configured to authenticate using SAML SSO.  When enabled, an Ideas instance will defer to the configured SSO identity provider for authentication when a user attempts to perform a protected action.  Protected actions are: create, comment, or vote on Ideas, or access a protected forum.   Valid SSO users, who do not have an account in Ideas, are prompted to create account after they have been successfully authenticated.

This change modified the login and signup process.  Non-SSO instances of Ideas will now have a separate page for login and signup.

Profile Edit and Delete

Ideas Users have more options when managing their user profile.  In addition to editing their name and password Ideas user may now choose to change their email address.  When changing the email address the user must re-confirm their account.  We have also added the ability for an Ideas user to remove their account.  This allows Users to exercise their right to forgotten as defined in the GDPR.  When accounts are deleted, votes are removed and any Idea created by the User or comments on Ideas are associated with an Anonymous user.  Delete is a permanent operation.  Once an account is removed, there is no way to re-create the account or to associate ideas with another user.

In an SSO instance, the email address is only used for sending emails.  The username is provided by the SSO identity provider and cannot be viewed or changed.  In a non-SSO instance, the email address is also the username.  Therefore, changing the email address on a profile also changes the username a person would use when authenticating.


General Enhancements and Improvements

  • Webhooks UI improvements
  • Saved Views user experience improvements
  • Roadmap user experience improvements

System Requirements Changes

Certified VersionOne support for Windows Server 2016 and 2019, and IIS 10.

See Lifecycle System Requirements for details.

Point Releases

For a complete listing of point releases, see Point Release Notes by Product.