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Summer 2019 Release Notes

Summer 2019 Release Notes
The Summer 2019 VersionOne release includes an updated User Interface and a new Dependency Board in PlanningRooms. Continuum introduces two new side panels to visualize delivery information on workitems and Portfolio Items along with a UI update.

Release Summary

Highlights Video

  • VersionOne:

    • UI Updated

    • Dependency Board In PlanningRooms

  • Continuum

    • UI Updated

    • Workitem Side Panel

    • Portfolio Item Workitem Side Panel

Feature Breakdown

Team Edition
Catalyst Edition
Enterprise Edition
Ultimate Edition
Continuum ALM Connect
UI Updates  

Dependency Board

Workitem Delivery Status Side Panel          
Portfolio Item Workitem Delivery Side Panel          
System Requirements Changes    

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Summer 2019 UI Light Theme Summer 2019 UI Dark Theme

UI Updates

We updated the VersionOne user interface (UI) for a new, modern look and feel.  In addition to updating colors in the light and dark themes, the primary navigation options were moved to the top and many of the ancillary actions, like My Home and Administration,  are now part of the left hand navigation bar.  Additionally, the left hand navigation bar is now visible in TeamRooms and PlanningRooms.   You will also notice new fonts, new icons and updates to the Asset Detail pages. 

Summer 2019 Dependency Board

Dependency Board

Whether planning Features for the next Program Increment/Release, or high-level planning for future Epics; Portfolio and Product Teams are frequently faced with the need to anticipate dependencies and completion dates before the Portfolio Item is decomposed into smaller units of work.  Available in PlanningRooms, the Dependency Board provides Portfolio and Product teams the ability to visualize planned dependencies and completion dates together in a single view. 

Columns on the Dependency Board represent configurable units of time and Portfolio Items are placed appropriately based on either the Planned End Date, or the End Date of the containing Project/Planning Level.  Portfolio Items can be grouped on the following attributes: Parent Portfolio Item, Priority, Project/Planning Level, Source, Status, Target Team, Type, or any custom single-value drop down.  Any direct dependency between visible Portfolio Items is shown on the board.  Child Portfolio Item and Child Story Dependencies are not considered.   Dependency lines are color coded using rules similar to the dependency status icon on the Portfolio Item Grid.


Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 9.23.56 AM.png

UI Updates

Like VersionOne, Continuum has also been updated to the new modern look and feel. Projects, Tasks and Perspectives have been relocated in a sidebar similar to the sidebar that is located in VersionOne. 

Workitem Delivery Side Panel

Continuum now surfaces more data in VersionOne with the addition of the delivery progress side panel available on stories and defects.  This new panel will visualize where the story or defect is with respect to its delivery category.  The side panel also provides what packages the story or defect is available in. 


Portfolio Item Workitem Delivery Side Panel

To compliment the workitem side panel we have also introduced a delivery progress side panel at the Portfolio Item level.  This is valuable for product folks to understand where most of the value is with respect to delivery using the default view.  There is a more detailed view that will provide a look into what value is where by providing the IDs and Titles of the workitems in their respective delivery category.  The Done versus Delivered gauge is also provided similar to Delivery at a Glance for that particular Portfolio Item. 

General Enhancements and Improvements

Other items that we completed since the last release.  Many, if not all, were available in previous point releases as well.

  • Portfolio Item hover Indicates the Planned Begin and Planned End Dates when those attributes are set on the Portfolio Item.

  • "Access Restricted" is displayed in the Portfolio Item field on the Portfolio Item Details page when the user does not have access to Parent Portfolio Item.

  • Added a "Filter Backlog" option to the action menu for Portfolio Items on the Portfolio Tree. This option takes the Member to the Backlog page and applies a filter for the selected Portfolio Item. This filter is additive to any existing Backlog filters and overwrites any existing Portfolio Item filter.  This option does not change the selected planning level (a.k.a. project or global scope context).

  • Portfolio Kanban Quick Add is consistent with Storyboard and supports required fields on Portfolio Items.

  • Portfolio Item cards on the Portfolio Kanban include an age indicator.

  • Tags are now visible on Teams in VersionOne.  You can add and remove Tags from the Team details page or the Team grid, located on the Team tab in the Admin section.

  • PlanningRoom: Portfolio Kanban panels has a "Single Level View" option that restricts results in that panel instance to the selected node in the Project/Planning Level hierarchy.

  • Platform: Added the IsDeleted attribute to the Actual asset type.  This attribute indicates if the Actual asset was deleted.

  • Platform: The ProjectByRole API endpoint now supports paging on the primary asset being returned. When querying ByProject you can page the Projects being returned and when querying ByMember you can page the Members being returned.

  • Platform: The ProjectByRole API endpoint now supports paging on the secondary asset being returned. When querying ByProject you can page the Members being returned within a Project and when querying ByMember you can page the Projects being returned within each Member.

System Requirements Changes

There are no System Requirement changes in this release.  Refer to the existing VersionOne System Requirements for details.

Point Releases

For a complete listing of point releases, see Point Release Notes by Product.