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Winter 2020 Release Notes

Release Summary

Highlights Video

  • VersionOne:

    • Backlog Item Dependency Board

    • Portfolio Item "Create From" Option

    • Custom Field Terminology

    • Performance Updates

    • System Requirement Changes

  • Continuum

    • VS Exchange

    • Team Level Plugin Support

Feature Breakdown

Team Edition Catalyst Edition Enterprise Edition Ultimate Edition Continuum ALM Connect
Backlog Item Dependency Board        
Portfolio Item Create From Option        
Custom Field Terminology        
Performance Updates    
VS Exchange          
Team Level Plugin Support          
System Requirements Changes    

How to Upgrade


On-demand (auto-upgrade)

If your system is not in the auto-upgrade program, contact support to be added to the program or to schedule your upgrade. Feb 8 Feb 8 Feb 15 Feb 15 N/A N/A


Contact support for a new 2020 annual license for your on-site system.     Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us

If you are not a current customer, email us at to get started.


Join us on Tuesday, February 18th, 2020 at Noon ET for a live review of the Winter 2020 release.

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Backlog Item Dependency BoardsBacklog Dependency Board By Team

The Dependency Board, introduced in the Summer 2019 Release, has been expanded to include support for dependencies between Backlog Items (Story, Defect, TestSet).  With this change, you can now view all planned Backlog Items and dependencies between them.  A planned Backlog Item is one that has been planned into a Sprint/Iteration.  With the introduction of this change, the Dependency Board is now accessible in Planning Rooms, Team Rooms, and from the Product Menu in the main application.

With this change, columns on the Dependency Board can now be  Date or Sprint/Iteration and you can group Backlog Items by the following options (as a reminder, these are the same options available on Storyboards):

  • Built in attributes (Priority, Status, Team,etc)
  • Immediate parent Portfolio Item and specific Portfolio Item Types in the parent hierarchy
  • Custom Drop Down attributes
  • Story specific attributes
  • Defect specific attributes

Portfolio Item "Create From" OptionPortfolio Item Create From

Have you ever needed a new Portfolio Item that was similar to, but not exactly like, an existing Portfolio Item?   It's a copy, but without the child Backlog Items or Portfolio Items.  A starting point for similar work or the continuation of existing work.  If your nodding your head, try the new "Create From" option available from the Edit menu on the Details page.

Create From, allows you to create a new Portfolio Item with attribute values on the existing Portfolio Item.  Once saved, only the Dependency, Backlog Goal and Request relationships are copied.  The newly minted Portfolio Item is contextually similar to the source.  You are now ready to breakdown the work or copy work from the original Portfolio Item to the new one. 

Custom Field TerminologyCustom Field Terminology

Custom Field labels are now available in dedicated grids on the Terminology page making them easier to identify and update.  There are two (2) grids: one containing the label used on create and detail pages and another containing the grid column label. 

When localizing a string, VersionOne looks for the a value based on the locale value passed by the client.  If nothing is found, the fall back is to return a value for the 'en' locale.  Therefore, when new Custom Fields, labels are only added to the 'en' locale.  You can localize custom fields individually by copying the System Name and adding it to "Other Overrides" on the desired locale or you can localize them in bulk using the import/export feature. 

Performance Updates

Over the past several months, the VersionOne team has released several performance improvements.  These changes were made available in point releases along the way.  Below is a recap of those changes. 

Backlog Grids load filter values and saved views as needed.  Additionally, we now limit Status filter values to those available to the Team selected in the Team filter.  When no Team filter is applied, the Status filter values are those available in the project workspace. 

Scorecard load times were improved through queries optimization and more efficient loading.  These changes aligned data on charts and in the breakdown section.  With these changes, the Portfolio Item breakdown tabs now considers "Active" Portfolio Items as those in status values assigned to an "In Progress" roll-up category. 

Finally, there were performance improvements when processing Subscriptions.

We would like to thank everyone who partnered with us to identify and work through these issues.  We sincerely appreciate your feedback and patience.


VS Exchange

image (12).png

As new users begin working with Continuum many times users will start to take advantage of Continuum capabilities to extend VersionOne or another product. For example, if a story goes into developing without having any tests.  In this case Continuum has been extended to catch this story and move it back to ready for development with a blocker that tests need to be added. With the introduction of VS Exchange users will soon be able to submit pull request to our VS Exchange repo for review.  These new extensions are community driven, accepted extensions will be visible in the Continuum UI. Currently we are using Solution Architects and Services team members in conjunction with customers to pilot this new feature. 

Team Level Plugin Support

image (15).png

As an enterprise there may be times when plugins need to be restricted.  For example, an enterprise may need each team to use a specific Jenkins token.  With team level plugins when an instance of that plugin, Jenkins in this case, is created a team can be assigned. This will allow that team to only use that instance or available global plugin instances. 


Other Enhancements and Updates


Select items included in this release that were completed since the last release.  Most, if not all, were available in previous point releases.

  • Security vulnerability that allowed Member Admins to create Application Grants belonging to System Admins
  • Security issue that allows Member Admins to reset password on accounts with higher privileges (i.e. System Admin accounts)
  • A Member's Applications View is viewable by other members
  • Added Member Preference page to Team Edition
  • The current period column header is highlighted on the Roadmap Board view
  • Roadmap Board configuration options were re-ordered and re-labeled
  • Roadmap Timeline does not reflect percent complete when "By Count" reporting is enable
  • Portfolio Item SWAG indicator on the Roadmap Timeline is not rounding
  • Team Scorecard Cumulative Flow chart considers more data than the rest of the Scorecard
  • Cannot add Team Objectives from PI/Release Scheduling
  • Team Process breaks when adding a status value to the Not Started reporting category
  • Cycle Threshold Aging clock is off on Storyboards for Team Process Teams
  • Workitem Cycle Time chart labels are incorrect
  • Rich Text fields are not updated when clicking into a drop-down field
  • Unable to add a new dependency using the Add button
  • Active stories appear as closed on Timesheets when a task is closed
  • Updated style on pagination controls in My Work Summary grids
  • Filtering on a boolean attribute in grids causes filter panel to disappear
  • Typing in a Webhook Trigger Event Field does not update options
  • Cannot update Manager field when editing a Member asset
  • Failure to create a project workspace does not result in a meaningful error


The VersionOne bulk API was enhanced to support assigning Members to Scopes with a Role.  The new operations allow you assign one or more Members to a single Scope, each with their own Role or assign a Member to one or more Scopes each with a different Role.  For more details, refer to the Scope or Member bulk API technical documentation.

Additional enhancements include

  • Support for sending multiple queries into bulk API and receiving multiple results sets in return.  Examples are available in the document
  • Enhanced error messages that are both human and automation friendly. Examples are available in the documentation.
  • The ProjectRoles API does now applies a default sort to results
  • Bulk API no longer fails when undeleting assets


The following defects have been resolved in Analytics

  • Backlog Throughput and Backlog Responsiveness panels on the Enterprise Dashboard report different counts. As part of this change, we added a table to the click-through chart indicating which backlog items were considered.
  • The Velocity by Date panel in Analtyics does not consider Done Date


  • The status filter on the pipeline instance page was behind the column headers.
  • Viewing build plugin detail can cause the system to freeze.
  • Manual activity email does not replace template variables.
  • When multiple controls are present within an activity, clicking on any control always presents the data for the first.

System Requirements Changes


Our System Requirements will change as such:

  • Server OS Changes
    • Dropping support for Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2
  • SQL Server changes
    • Adding support for SQL Server 2017
    • Dropping support of SQL Server 2008 R2

Refer to the updated VersionOne System Requirements for complete details.

Point Releases

For a complete listing of point releases, see Point Release Notes by Product.