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Release Summary

Highlights Video

  • Agility:

    • New Sprint/Iteration Planning Board in TeamRooms
    • Advanced text field search using contains and is empty filters
    • A redesigned asset details page 
    • Performance Updates
    • Real-time refresh in TeamRooms (Technical Preview)
  • Continuum

    • Release with Delivery Insights
    • New and updated APIs
    • Progression Board UI fixes
  • Agility Connect

    • Agility Connect stand-alone mode​
    • Sync Workitems based on teams
    • Sync upstream and downstream dependencies
    • Map Iteration/Sprints
    • Sync Agility Tasks with Jira Subtasks
    • Configure sync interval settings
    • Conditionally sync specific workitem
    • Sync parent-child relationship updates
    • Sync Requests asset type
    • Poll for Missed Events: Work Item Change Detection
    • Create a Mapping to Migrate Assets from Jira to Agility (Beta)
    • Mapping Customizations (Beta)
    • Migrate your ALM Connect Data to Agility Connect (Beta)
    • Support for ServiceNow custom tables
    • Mapping List page filters

Feature Breakdown

Team Edition Catalyst Edition Enterprise Edition Ultimate Edition Continuum
New Sprint/Iteration Planning Board in TeamRooms      
Advanced text field search using contains and is empty filters  
A redesigned asset details page   
Real-time refresh in TeamRooms (Technical Preview)      
Performance Updates Release with Delivery Insights        
New and updated APIs        
Progression Board UI fixes        
Agility Connect Features        

How to Upgrade


On-demand (auto-upgrade)

If your system is not in the auto-upgrade program, contact support to be added to the program or to schedule your upgrade. January 30 January 30 February 6 February 6 N/A


Contact support for a new 2021 annual license for your on-site system.     Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us

If you are not a current customer, and would like to learn more, visit our website and contact us to get started.

Join us on Thursday, February 4th, 2021 at 10 am ET for a live review of the Agility version 21.0 release.

Click HERE to view a recording of the live webinar! Agility

New Sprint/Iteration Planning Board in TeamRoomsSprint/Iteration Planning Board

Using the new Sprint/Iteration Planning Board, teams following an Iterative methodology can now perform sprint/iteration activities listed below without leaving the TeamRooms page:

  • Create and plan sprints/iterations
  • Drag and drop workitems across sprints or from the backlog
  • View or hide dependencies between workitems across sprints
  • Group workitems by Team, Status, and other criteria 



Advanced text field search using contains and is empty filtersBudgetBySwag2.png

Searching for text fields is now easier than ever. When searching for text fields such as Title or Description, you can use filter conditions such as contains and is empty to search for a part of the text field or search for empty fields.

A redesigned asset details page                                                              asset_details_page.png

We have redesigned the asset details page to make information easily accessible and more organized. Below are the changes you will notice:                        

  • All asset details are grouped into three columns to ensure that the information is visually accessible and easy to edit:
    • Rich text fields: Fields containing rich text information are grouped together. For instance, fields such as Description and Benefits in stories.
    • Editable fields: Fields containing plain text, dropdown lists, and other selection options are grouped together.
    • Read-only fields: Fields containing read-only information are grouped together. Empty read-only fields are not displayed.

    Custom fields that are not part of the out-of-the-box configuration will display in one of these columns based on their data type.

  • Required and important fields are displayed at the top of each column, above other fields. This makes it easier to find important information at the very beginning.

Real-time data refresh in TeamRooms (Technical Preview)

Currently, the Storyboard, Taskboard, and Testboard sections in TeamRooms do not support real-time refresh of data. This leads to undesirable scenarios such as multiple users picking up the same workitem, that need to be resolved outside Agility.

As a step towards real-time refresh to these boards, you will see an indication on the board as soon as it is updated by other users, prompting you to refresh the board for up-to-date information.

To sign up for a technical preview of this feature, contact the support team.

Performance Updates

There have been several performance updates recently.  These changes were made available in point releases as they were completed.  Below is a recap of those changes.

  • Improved response time in Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers by pausing UI updates on inactive Agility tabs for the duration of inactivity.
  • Historical query performance scalability improvements. Query performance stays more consistent as change history grows.
  • Improved rendering performance for Roadmap board view.
  • Improved performance and backend stability when generating trend lines for scorecards and other reports.

We would like to thank everyone who partnered with us to identify and work through these issues.  We sincerely appreciate your feedback and patience.


The following integrations will be sunset in the Agility version 21.3 release and no longer supported by Agility. They will continue to be open-source and community-supported.



  • Continuum now extends its Progression Board to Release. Release can now provide package delivery insights with the help of Continuum's Progression Board from within the Release. For more information, see Release 10.0 documentation
  • Added a new API (and a CLI) to add a source endpoint for a project.
  • Added a new API (and a CLI) to add a list of directives to a project. For more information, see set_project_directives API documentation.
  • Added a new API (and a CLI) to get the schema of a plugin instance to a user. For more information, see configure_plugins API documentation.
  • Updated the create_user, update_user, and delete_user APIs so that only users with the "System Administrator" role can create, update or delete users. 
  • Updated the healthcheck API to accurately report the lag over time for ciqueue, commandqueue, pi_stepqueue, and sync_queue.


  • Progression Board UI fix to adjust the gap between the sticky project header (when scrolled) and the top header. 

Agility Connect

Click here for more information about Agility Connect 21.0.

Agility Connect stand-alone mode​

Stand-alone Agility Connect is a stripped-down version of Continuum. Agility Connect was built on top of Continuum and you might be overwhelmed with the other functions of Continuum if you intend to use Agility Connect only. In this case, you can switch to the Agility Connect stand-alone mode by using an Agility Connect-only license. Using an Agility Connect license in Continuum exposes the Agility Connect functions (UIs and menus) only.

Sync Workitems based on teams

With Agility Connect, you can now create mappings to sync workitems created or updated:

  • by specific teams in Agility with specific teams in Jira
  • by specific teams in Agility with specific projects in Jira
  • in Agility projects (or subprojects) with teams in Jira

Sync upstream and downstream dependencies Agility supports assigning upstream and downstream dependencies for its assets. Jira supports a similar function via the "Blocked by" and "Blocks" links. Turn on Dependencies in Agility Connect to sync any upstream and downstream dependencies created in Agility with the "Blocked by" and "Blocks" fields of Jira. 

While you add dependencies for an asset in Agility, make sure the dependencies have been synced already with Jira.

Map Iteration/Sprints

When you create a mapping, you can now map the Iteration and Sprint fields of Agility and Jira respectively, to have these fields synced when you create or update a workitem in Agility or Jira. 

Sync Agility Tasks with Jira Subtasks

Use case: Tasks in Agility are part of Stories (Stories > Tasks). Whereas, Jira has a separate asset called Tasks that also supports Subtasks (Tasks > Subtasks). You want the Agility Stories > Tasks synced with Jira Tasks > Subtasks. 

Step 1: Create a mapping between the Agility Story and Jira Tasks assets to sync Agility Stories with Jira Tasks. 

Step2: Create another mapping between Agility Tasks and Jira Subtasks to sync Agility Tasks with Jira Subtasks. 

Configure sync interval settings

You can now configure how often you want the data sync to happen. The Sync Interval Settings drop-down list lets you select the time interval between sync events. While a one-minute sync interval is recommended, you can increase it if you want. Setting a 20 seconds sync interval can adversely impact conflict resolution.

Conditionally sync specific workitem

Instead of syncing workitems unconditionally for all the create/edit events, you can now choose to have workitems synced conditionally (for example, if and only if a field has a particular value). For example, you may have the workitems synced if and only if the Status field is set to "Open". 

You can use the following comparison operators to build your filters.

  • Equals
  • Not Equals
  • Contains
  • Not Contains

In addition, you can nest conditions using the AND and OR logical operators.

  1. Enable the Sync Specific Workitem option.
  2. Select the Filter tab and build your conditional filters.

Sync parent-child relationship updates

In addition to syncing parent-child relationships during "create" events, the Relationship setting now syncs the parent-child relationships for "update" events. 

Click the Relationships toggle button to define the parent-child relationship between the mapping you create/edit and the other mapping. For example, if you have a mapping created to sync Agility and Jira Epics (parent), you can enable Relationships and select another mapping (from the drop-down list) created to sync Agility and Jira Stories, for example, as a child. Once done, any Story you create or update—as a child of an Epic—would be synced exactly with the same relationship on the other tool.

Poll for Missed Events: Work Item Change Detection

Certain real-world conditions such as network issues, server issues, and so on can leave the create or update event data from the source system in limbo. In such cases, the data originating from the source system may not ever make it to the destination system for syncing. 

Work Item Change Detection is a polling mechanism (introduced in Agility Connect 21.0) that comes in handy in such situations. 


Configuring the Work Item Change Detection setting polls for such missed events at regular intervals, fetches the missed event data, if any, and sends the data to the destination system for syncing. The data sync, in this case, happens in the same chronology of events as found in the source system. In other words, the history of source events is honored when the sync happens. 

The default polling interval is 12 hours. The available polling intervals in the drop-down list range from 2-24 hours.

Create a Mapping to Migrate Assets from Jira to Agility (Beta)

This is a beta feature in Agility Connect 21.0. Do not use this in a production setup. 

You can now create a mapping solely for the purpose of migrating your Jira assets to Agility.


Use the Data Migration configuration to specify the date range to migrate data. However, the maximum window for data migration is three months.

Once you create a mapping for the purpose of data migration, select the Schedule Now check box (it is mandatory to schedule the data migration to run immediately) and activate the mapping, all the Jira assets created or updated within the given date range are fetched and synced with the Agility. 

While you can migrate data from Jira to Agility, you cannot use this feature to migrate data from Agility to other tools. 

Mapping Customizations (Beta)

This is a beta feature in Agility Connect 21.0. Do not use this in a production setup. 

When you map the fields from two different tools, you may have to, at times, resolve certain field-level incompatibilities. You may have to do some data transformations to make the data from the source system acceptable by the destination system.

Agility Connect Customizations is a python based framework that lets you define such transformational customizations required when you create a mapping. This framework has a set of predefined functions that are readily consumable from within the UI in the form of code templates.

The Customization Code editor has been templatized with a predefined code snippet. You can simply use one of the available customization functions to define your customizations with little or no coding knowledge. However, the possibilities are limited only to your imagination as you can even write advanced code to define more complex customizations in case you are well versed with Python.

Migrate your ALM Connect Data to Agility Connect (Beta)

This is a beta feature in Agility Connect 21.0. Do not use this in a production setup. 

You can now export your ALM Connect mappings and import them into Agility Connect. This saves you from manually recreating the ALM Connect mappings in Agility Connect from the scratch.

You must export the ALM Connect event and mapping data in JSON and XML formats respectively. 

  • The JSON file consists of the synced event data.
  • The XML file consists of the mapping (integration) configuration data. 


Support for Requests asset type

Agility Connect now supports the Requests asset type.

Support for ServiceNow custom tables

In addition to supporting the ServiceNow Incidents and Catalog Tasks asset types, the Agility Connect now supports custom tables as long as they inherit the Task table. However, unlike Incidents and Catalog Tasks, you cannot use the Auto Map feature when you create a mapping for ServiceNow custom tables. 

Mapping List page filters

You can now filter the list of mappings by mapping name, tool name (System1/System2), or status of the mapping. 

Agility Connect 21.0 Known Issues

  • A validation message appears when you map text and single-select fields without selecting a default value.
  • The field mapping page goes blank when you map text and single-select fields bi-directionally and add a default value to it.

Other Enhancements and Updates Agility

Here is a list of items included in this release which were completed since the version 20.3 (or Fall 2020) release.  Most, if not all, of these items were available in previous point releases.


  • Visual improvements to the Roadmap Timeline View.

  • Improved messaging in the Close Strategic Theme dialog. The dialog now appears only if Important fields are enabled.

  • Quick Close is available on assets that do not have Important Fields defined when important field enforcement is enabled.

  • Added the "More Filter" option to

    • Effort, Program, and Retrospective Quicklists, and

    • Retrospective and Strategic Theme Grids.

  • Roadmap Bucket views were optimized to improve rendering on page loads and updates.

  • Grids are filterable to Empty and Not Empty Date fields.

  • Users can include the Hyphen (-) character when searching on IDs.

  • Improvements to performance as additional data is introduced into Agility.

  • Custom multi-select fields can now be marked as soft requirements.


  • Quicksearch results do not wrap appropriately

  • In More Filter options, Tags filter is duplicated with incorrect filter conditions

  • ProgramBoard did not show correct percentage complete when “Show by Workitem Count” is not checked in user preferences

  • Portfolio Item Root column displayed ID instead of name

  • Goals column in workitem grid would not display when multiple goals are assigned

  • Portfolio Item tree did not display correctly when filtering for Portfolio Items with an unassigned Portfolio Item parent

  • Backlog items assigned to closed sprints could not be seen in Sprint Details view

  • Selected field in Custom Field list would not display with proper contrast and colors in dark theme.

  • Mentions could not be added to conversations with multiple replies

  • Mentions could not be added to Teamroom conversation

  • Mentions would double when conversation reply is activated in a collapsed state

  • Incorrect help text would display when activating quick search from the sidebar

  • Collaborations was unable to be accessed from sidebar from Open Portfolio Item Dependency List or Open Backlog Dependency List

  • Functionality to delete all notification messages was not working as intended from My Inbox

System Requirements Changes Agility

Point Releases

For a complete listing of point releases, see Point Release Notes by Product.