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Fall 2013 Point Release #1 - Build

Last modified 15:47, 25 Oct 2013
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New Features


  • PlanningRooms where the iteration schedule has not been configured will now use better intelligence to derive default iteration schedule when accessing an Analytics Dashboard that requires a default iteration schedule parameter.


  • Analytics presents a message to indicate when the Data Mart ETL is running.


  • Core: The help link for Iteration Review was incorrect.
  • Core: Inaccurate Conversations count indicator has been removed.
  • Core: Filters on reports would not be applied correctly.
  • Core: Analtyics Planning Room Plugin has invalid and/or broken panels after a session time-out.
  • Analytics: Custom Reporting fails when Custom Field name contains a SQL keyword.
  • Analytics: Changing the Sprint selection on a dashboard results in no Start Date or Duration values.
  • Analytics: Under certain conditions the Custom Reporting UI was not completely visible.
  • Analytics: Analytic Grids are visible on initial load.
  • Datamart: Data Mart fails when a VersionOne asset has multiple custom drop-down fields to the same list type. For example, if you have two or more drop down fields on Issue, that both use the Story Status list type.
  • Datamart: Setup correctly removes generated user ids when uninstalling.

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