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Fall 2013 Point Release #6 - Build

Last modified 17:56, 7 Jan 2014
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New Features


  • Fixed HTTP Header for OAuth2 used in SAML SSO environment.


  • Core: Cross Site Scripting with relative URLs
  • Core: Image controller Show method returns wrong HTTP status code for missing images.
  • Datamart: ETL Failures when loading Dim.Date in Finland
  • Analytics: Custom Report failures when using Tracked Epics in a Cascade List Filter
  • Analytics: "By Iteration" Dashboard panels (i.e. Burndown by Iteration, Defect Trend by Iteration, etc) fail when Iteration Names contain the < symbol
  • Analytics: Analytic Grids Configuration Changes do not require users to click Go to view the change
  • Analytics: Applied patch recommended by Logi

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