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The release adds the support for Salesforce Lightning along with several other enhancements and fixes.

Connector Updates and Enhancements

  • Support for Helix ALM/TestTrack Version 2018.2
  • Support for Salesforce Lightening 
  • Support traceability for Database connector
  • Support for Issues, Epics in Git-Lab


  • TestTrack is now renamed as Helix ALM
  • Support for inline images in Helix ALM
  • Ability to move log-in information to the new UI
  • A field LocationByName added in Jama connector to facilitate scalable mapping for location- the field works on location path (and not id) in a way that when different projects have a common location name then only one value mapping can be done from the UI


Team Foundation Server ALM

  • Inline image will not be synced in separate revisions. It will be a part of the same revision in which it was added.

Team Foundation Server Version Control

  • Second Merge Rename gives failure when rollback operation is performed between first merge and second merge.
  • Rename Operation gives failures when merge operation is tried to be renamed with the wrong source version.

IBM Rational Doors

  • Instead of the user-type field, HTML-type field appears for Doors User Fields.


  • In Jama, status field synchronization was not working.


  • In Jira, delete attachments works on the basis of file names instead of URIs.


  • It is now possible to synchronize attachments with same name multiple times as well as attachments with trailing/leading spaces.