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This update brings support for tags in Lifecycle, as well as, other enhancements and fixes.

New Connectors and Versions

  • GitHub Enterprise (Separate Connector Introduced)


  • Official support for Lifecycle Tags (TaggedWith)
  • Git Commit Asset added
  • Support for SAML 2.0 SSO Authentication for Jenkins
  • Support for synchronization of commits from multiple branches in Git connector through a single integration
  • Reconciliation and target lookup query feature are not enabled for Zendesk


  • In VSTS not getting user meta using email ID while user ID is different than the email ID
  • Document changes for FogBugz criteria configuration with custom field and time zone changes during integration setup
  • Attachment sync fails when VersionOne Lifecycle is target if attachment name contains a trailing space
  • FogBugz sync not working when FogBugz is on HTTP versus HTTPS
  • When VersionOne Lifecycle is a target system CreatedBy is a field option when it is read-only.