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This update brings a new custom conflict resolution option, as well as, other enhancements and fixes.

New Connectors and Versions

  • Enterprise Architect 13.5


  • Developed new custom conflict resolution strategy, in addition to master/slave, which assists customer to take complex resolution decisions based on the run time values in the source and target systems. With this strategy, users resolve conflict by considering which end point was updated last or what is the run time master/slave decision based on the current state of the end systems. For example, whether the end system in which a workitem is still open becomes the master or a system in which workitem was not created by sync becomes the master and so on. 

    Custom conflict strategy will be available for enterprise customers. It can be enabled field-wise just like other custom resolution strategies.
  • Introduced mapping utility through which field value of any linked or referenced entity can be synced to target. For example, if a problem is being integrated from an ITSM tool to a backend tool and customers want to sync the name of a linked user story back to the ITSM tool, then customer can fetch user story’s name of some other field value and sync it to the problem in ITSM. 
  • One of other use cases where such utility is helpful is when user wants to make a decision for writing a value in the target based on some value already set in the target. In this case, if the user has post synced target id in the source, one can load the target entity in mapping and read the field for taking required decision. Support for OAuth authentication in Jama 
  • User can now bi-directionally sync inline images in PTC description
  • Support for bi-directionally syncing PTC Integrity comments
  • Support for Team Area and Team Area List field types in IBM Rational Team Concert
  • Added Team name to team process status for VersionOne Lifecycle.  The team name is now visible to the right of a status value mapping should the status belong to a team's process. 


  • Error was coming during loading mapping change logs when a mapping was imported without validation
  • If source field is empty then target lookup query feature won’t create a new entity and will fail with error
  • Parent link on Issue type was not getting added in CASDM 
  • Comments were not getting synced properly if HP ALM audits contained special characters
  • Duplicate comments were getting synced to HP ALM
  • If customer migrates to 6.14 U2 or a higher version, then failed events with comments were not processed

Known Behavior

  • If resolution strategy is changed to custom conflict, then mapping audits will just show that mapping is changed but won’t show what was changed.
  • Formatting in custom conflict strategy is lost when mapping is exported and imported again.