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This update brings a fix to those utilizing ALM Connect between Jira and VersionOne Lifecycle. As well as several other enhancements and fixes.

Connect Updates and Enhancements

  • Jira V7.4 Support
  • HP ALM Octane Entities Added:
    • Requirement
    • Task
    • Manual Run with Run Steps


  • Multi-comment support for current-state synchronization in ServiceNow Enterprise
  • Optimized API calls for loading JIRA projects, users, and issue-types
  • Test-step synchronization support for Manual and Gherkin tests


  • Only common entities across the selected project were displayed in JIRA ‘Sync Worklogs For’
  • Revision forming for multi-select fields in JIRA resulted into wrong values
  • User was not able to configure integration or mapping with the same system as source and target
  • Integration log files were populated with other application and synchronization logs
  • Old log files were not renamed while renaming integration/reconciliation
  • While configuring field mapping for IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC), any field with value as a hierarchy structure displayed value of leaf-level node only
  • Sync report displayed entities of other integrations with same source system
  • Wrong revision construction in case of more than 200 revisions for ServiceNow as a source endpoint
  • Integration Change Logs search with Change-log Time threw error
  • Proper error-message thrown when the license installation failed because ALM Connect server did not with administrator permission
  • If field mapping associated with reconciliation was cloned, checkbox to enable/disable reconcile rules was not visible

Known Issues

  • If multiple integrations are configured with the same source and target system but with different target projects, then Integration Sync report will display records of entities that have not been synchronized by that integration