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This update brings a fix to those utilizing ALM Connect between Bugzilla and VersionOne Lifecycle. As well as several other enhancements and fixes.


  • Support for Bi-directional synchronization of inline image in VersionOne Lifecycle.
  • Improvement in synchronization time while reconciling user type of fields in Rally.
  • ALM Octane enhancement:
    • Supported tag field for ALM Octane.
    • Reflected the changes in ALM Connect for synchronization of custom and system fields based on the changes in the ALM Octane API
  • When integrating with Subversion user can now configure Action On Deleted and Skipped Action Field in integration advance configuration.
  • User can now configure pre-commit rules when commit comments are parsed using regex parse


  • Logger settings were only getting reflected after the server was restarted. Now there is no need to restart the server it will get reflected directly. These are the settings for which the issue was present
    • Location to save logs
    • Number of max backup log files
    • Size of log files
  • Null Pointer Exception was thrown from VersionOne when in field mapping for Project Id field, invalid value is passed.
  • Rally Task Entity to WorkProduct linkage for Test Set entity was not working.
  • In Service Now when there is only update event for links, the links will not get updated.
  • Handled Null Pointer Exception in Jama when empty or null value is passed in OH_LOCATION. Instead of it, it will show proper error message.
  • Loading users when AAD groups are involved has been fixed. It gave this error before fix: ‘Instance validation error: '5' is not a valid value for Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server.ApplicationGroupSpecialType’
  • Importing the exported mapping for SCM to ALM mapping templates gave error: ‘OpsHub-001121: Error in parsing input XML because: The processing instruction target matching \"[xX][mM][lL]\" is not allowed.’. Not importing such exported mapping will not give error.
  • When a file name consists of special characters like '@' then SVN was not able to poll it during synchronization. It gave this error before the fix: com.opshub.exceptions.eai.EAISVNPollerException: OpsHub-010015: Error in executing command for SubVersion due to : svn: E205000: Try 'svn help log' for more informationsvn: E205000: Syntax error parsing peg revision
  • User type of fields were not getting synchronized to Jira for reconciliation and current state synchronization.
  • Synchronization of linked entities in Rally as target system gave error, where there are fields with same name and different datatypes in these two linked entities.
  • SCM pre-commit rules were only working for internal id. Now it will work for display id as well.
  • Deleted Worklog was not synchronized for some scenarios.
  • When the end system gives date which is less than 1970 then it gave parsing exception. The parsing exception was: Caused by: java.text.ParseException: Unparseable date: "- 62135769600000"
  • Recovery handling issue in Blueprint is resolved. This scenario was for Blueprint as a target system when the publish operation is not completed by integration user due to some system failure, any other user cannot update the entity through UI of Blueprint. This is because lock is acquired by integration user. This issue was resolved.
  • In Service Now links history was not created correctly

Known Issues

  • For some date scenarios the polling time is automatically getting updated. Issue found when initially while creation of the integration, the polling time of an integration was set to 31st Jan, 2017 which was created with the same information. However on updating the polling time from 31st Jan, 2017 to 01st Feb, 2017 and saving the integration it was updated to 01st March, 2017.
  • Current state in Jira doesn’t fetch few fields like Sprint and Project.
  • In SwiftALM when comments are polled such that the author of the comment is not present in OpsHubAllUsersFilter filter, then it can give error like: ‘value already present: -1’  
  • Installer fails if the database password in MSSQL has ‘^’ symbol in it.
  • For PTC attachment having Unicode or Chinese character in the title fails while getting the attachment.