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This update brings a new integration with Slack and several other enhancements. 

New Integrations / Support

  • Support for bi-directional synchronization of Worklog entity in Jira connector
  • Support for bi-directional synchronization of Actuals entity in VersionOne Lifecycle connector


  • Dynamic status transition synchronization for Rational Team Concert connector
  • Multi-project polling feature is available in all editions of ALM Connect
  • Bi-directional synchronization of public and private comments without requiring advance configuration for ServiceNow Connector.
  • Validation on setting value for Flow State and Schedule State when both are coming with Create/Update, as they are dependent field of Rally connector entities.
  • Performance improvement for Jira Epics, when Epic is linked with many type of entities
  • Improved data fetching logic (for example, time-based windowing) for Salesforce Chatter connector
  • Validation on Installation directory to be emptied/cleaned before the installation


  • Documentation for SwiftKanban dedicated integration user available with all SwiftKanban instances
  • Option-"Action on entity deleted in target"- was not available in Integration configuration, when Jenkins is source system
  • Documented post-migration steps for handling DetectDeleteAttachmentConflict flag from mapping when migrating from version less than 6. 7. Earlier failing with “Nullpointer Exception”
  • Entities were not getting polled for JAMA connector, when JAMA is source system and project is copied from another project with entities
  • UTF-8 characters where getting converted to ????, when present in Attachment file name for Jira connector
  • Corrected error message to give proper details, if fails in fetching UserMeta for user with login name for Jira connector
  • Upgrade failure when port 8443 was in use, even if ALM Connect integration manager was installed on Http
  • Error "Link "GlobalId" cannot be null or empty, please validate mapping and verify that "GlobalId" is properly mapped" coming when same links (the ones which have reverse link types) are mapped in two different issue types.
  • Attachments getting polled again for integration when MS Dynamics is the source system, and attachments are considered as Update attachment event so there are chances of Delete + Add attachment unnecessary revisions ion on the target system
  • Error “No such field com.opshub.eai.mapper.MapperConfigurationData.detectDeleteAttachmentConflict” coming for View Mapping Change Log
  • For SwiftALM connector as source system, comments added by integration user, were getting polled

Known Issues

  • Job failure notification contains error trace even user has selected to not to have error trace in the content
  • Unnecessary/additional audits when mapping name is changed
  • For connectors having dynamic status transition configuration, when synchronization fails after status changes, it will again try to set the status to original and will fail the event on retry.