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This update brings a new integration with Slack and several other enhancements. 

New Integration(s)



  • Enhanced dynamic transition with dependent and multiple fields
  • Support for bi-directional synchronization of Commit and Build Run entities in VersionOne
  • Synchronization performance enhanced by 75% for Jira as the source system
  • Enhanced failure notification module:
    • Improved formatting for failure e-mail message
    • Option to disable/enable stack trace in e-mails
  • Reconciliation feature supported for:
    • QASymphony qTest (excluding release, test-cycle, test-result)
    • CA Service Desk Manager
  • Current State synchronization supported for:
    • IBM Rational Doors
    • IBM Rational Doors Next Generation
    • Jama
    • Team Foundation Server
    • Rally
    • VersionOne
    • SwiftKanban
    • HP Quality Center


  • Conflict check fails for date fields in IBM Rational Team Concert
  • Integration audit logs show wrong audits for Start Polling Time when multi-project integration is configured, and one of the projects is deleted and added again
  • Updates for ‘Link_URL’ and ‘Link_Title’ not working in VersionOne when these fields are configured in Link To Remote Entity and Remote Id
  • Formatting lost while synchronizing ‘Description’ field from Jama to Jira (wiki field)
  • Synchronization fails for VersionOne when ‘PlannedStart’ and ‘PlannedEnd’ fields are mapped in Epic entity
  • Entities natively copied from one project to another project not synchronizing from Jama
  • When trying to load look-up values for ‘Iteration’ field of RALLY, only those iterations that belong to default project are loaded
  • Already synced attachments deleted from target and, then, added again if Zendesk is used as source in bi-directional configuration

Known Issues

  • Target Entity Lookup configuration is required for synchronization, when Slack is a the source system. Reference to this configuration is in Destination Advance configuration for setting Target Entity Lookup.
  • Advance Configurations such as Criteria based polling, Skip absent field, Sync Configuration Field Name, Action on entity deleted in the target are not supported for Slack.
  • Remote entity link and Remote entity Id configuration feature is not possible for Slack as a source or target system. For Slack as target end system, it can be configured as a part of Advance Mapping.
  • Out-of-order synchronization may occur if Slack is the source end system.
  • In Fields Mapping Configuration and Integration Configuration, ‘Post’should be selected as source entity type.
  • Post cannot be polled when Slack is a source system, even though it is selected as an entity