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This update brings integration support for ServiceNow Istanbul and several other enhancements. 

New Integration(s)

ServiceNow Instanbul


  • Added steps and parameters for Test Case write support with Rest API in Team Foundation Server (TFS)
  • Bi-directional synchronization support for VersionOne actual
  • Bi-directional synchronization support for Jira worklog
  • Added support for syncing steps in the test execution results in Zephyr


  • OIM not working properly even when the Bugzilla instance had the 'Require Login' property set to 'True'.
  • Integration failure with Jira as a 'source system', when the user deleted linked entities.
  • Integration with Jira as a 'source system' producing error 'requested array size exceeded VM limit', when a large number of entities and revision were getting synchronized.
  • Failed events not being retried when the project selection changed during Integration configuration in CA Rally Dev.
  • Primary text field not being supported in DoorsNG.
  • OIM adding a new work item and task in CA Rally Dev Task entity for each new comment that was added on task (which has already been synced).
  • Appearance of unparseable date format in SwiftKanban.
  • Synchronization fails in VersionOne when the sprint name contained a forward slash.
  • Time mismatch of milliseconds in the duration field when the test result entity was synced in TFS.
  • Date field in Rally syncing actual date -1 for the test results entity.
  • Issue in report pagination when generating a report with the page size more than 50.
  • Support missing for synchronization of markups like @, # in Salesforce chatter.

Known Issues

  • Field mapping in TFS: When the user updates only the test case steps, parameters and parameter values, these fields are not synced to the target. To overcome this limitation, it is recommended to always use the overwrite option for these fields when configuring field mapping.
  • Worklog sync: If the user deletes the worklog then the sync deducts worklog from worklog with maximum effort, even if it is not added by same user. Inconsistencies will occur when there is no worklog in target whose effort > effort to be deducted.
  • Linux system failure: Incase the server of the Linux operating system fails to start, check the OpsHubWS/WEB_INF/lib folder for spring-core.jar and remove it.