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The release adds a fix for Jira integrations using transitions.

New Connectors, Versions, and Entities

  • Added support for TFS 2019
  • Add support for Jira 8.0


  • For mandatory field types, user can mark a value as default.

Default Mapping.

  • For Element entity in Enterprise Architect (EA), support available for Link inclusion and extends
  • Latest version of the online product guide accessible by default when no version is selected
  • SAML 2.0 authentication support for ALM Connect user
  • Support enabled for API Token authentication for Jira
  • Merge and Folder features now available in base edition
  • Improve performance for Jira integration
  • Cross-project relationship synchronization support in Jama
  • Support for all locales in Aras Innovator
  • Ability to purge audits from new UI
  • Performance improvements for Integration view and edit operation from ALM Connect UI
  • For ServiceNow integration, user can define value mapping for reference fields (assignment group, category, etc.) from UI
  • Sync Performance improvements done for Salesforce's Lightening Connector version
  • Enhanced Location field mapping for JAMA that allows users to map the Location of multiple projects in the same mapping

Major Bug Fixes


  • Default value for look-up type fields not visible properly in case of large values 
  • Unauthorized warning message coming when user visits login page directly 
  • Memory parameter settings configured for ALM Connect server getting overwritten on upgrade 
  • On MSSQL database creation page in the online product guide, required collation detail is missing
  • Uploading license gives an error file not found
  • Sync when option in advance mapping does not appear correctly in the UI
  • Integration logs get deleted on Linux server
  • Trial license allows only 1 integration
  • Comment formatting issues for backward direction that caused issue when both endpoints had different comment formats (where one endpoint allows plain comment format and other endpoint allows html comment format)
  • Field name with invalid XML character causing failed events
  • Formatting issues when Wiki field to HTML field is synchronized for the connectors that does not allow XHTML
  • Internet explorer browser compatibility issues when error found on ALM Connect UI interface
  • Enhanced Jira connector to make it compatible with GDPR changes coming across on 1st April 2019. All Jira on cloud customers are requested to migrate to this version of OIM, before 1st April '19


  • Synchronization processing freezes when project mapped earlier is deleted
  • Synchronization fails when Project field does not map at the mapping level


  • Integration user changes getting polled when the integration user configured in ALM Connect with a different case 
  • Sync fails to Jira when there is an underscore (_) in Jira project key 
  • While configuring sprint integration, occasionally sprint boards not getting loaded on advance configuration
  • Not able to create or edit mapping when x-ray plugin installed in Jira
  • Link synchronization with default link gives 'null' error

Team Foundation Server ALM

  • ChangeSet and HyperLink are not synchronized when changeset or hyperLink is linked to TestSuite entity
  • TFS 2010 synchronization fails when Authorized Date field does not exist in the system
  • Integration for Commit Information does not get created when the system is Visual Studio Team Services and having git version control
  • Update attachment sync for Team Foundation Server ALM connector not working


  • Current state synchronization fails when any criteria are configured and no entity is found for the matching criteria


  • Inline Image sync in Jama as target endpoint adds attachment in Jama every time a field is changed

Known issue

  • A field named Status Category Changed was added as a system field to the On-Demand Jira version. As of now, we cannot confirm whether or not we can support this field. To take further action, we have requested Atlassian team to provide information on the data type and values that this field can contain.