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The release adds several fixes for Jira along with several enhancements.


  • Actual error message now comes at the top of error trace.
  • Improved system configuration form with user friendly tooltips and field labels.
  • User can edit integration and system configuration from Dashboard.
  • Removed dos2unix dependency for Linux installer.
  • Removed global level polling time and added feature to auto set polling time.
  • Tomcat Server upgraded to latest version 9.0.4.
  • Projects loaded on the ALM Connect UI are now sorted alphabetically.
  • All the values in the drop-down menu those are disabled and unavailable pertaining to user's current license terms are now shown in the bottom of the list after the values that are available to use.
  • Support for synchronization of watchers field for Jira connector
  • Enabled write support for synchronization of Portfolio plugin relationship like Parent Link and Child issues for Jira connector
  • Support for Updated By field in synchronization when CA Agile Central (Rally) is source system
  • Enabled write synchronization for status transition with multi-valued dependent fields
  • Improved readability of Tooltips for system forms
  • Installation/Upgrade of ALM Connect on Linux Operating System (OS) without need of root permissions
  • Changed data-type of version fields in Jira to 'reference type' in order to enable polling of version id along with names. This helps user access any other field of versions from field mapping during advance mapping.
  • User was getting logged out when inactive for 30 minutes. Now the 'renew' option will be shown to user 5 minutes before the timeout so that user can renew the session or re-login if session is timed out. This will help in reducing data loss even when the session has expired.

Major Bug Fixes


  • Default user mapping passes empty to target if no user found matching source user email.
  • MS SQL windows auth not working when password contains special characters.
  • Invalid error message coming when in a group some integrations are inactive and some are active and user inactivates all of them from group level.
  • Create/update System API due to Current license terms do not allow to modify: serviceValidation for System: class com.opshub.dao.core.SystemType
  • Import Mapping is not getting enabled
  • Default value view for date type of field displays blank.
  • Projects are getting mapped even when currently selected issue type(s) are not present in that project. Error message is also confusing.
  • Tool tip for overwrite system selection is confusing.
  • Cannot fetch ServiceNow's 'Problem' entity when user has limited permissions.
  • Error message shown while creating an integration for ServiceNow with user that has no permissions in imprecise.
  • User Email and API token comes pre-populated in Firefox browser.
  • In case of an empty list, message on integration/mapping list screen is not properly formed.
  • Sometimes, ALM Connect was unresponsive with error "too many files open", as sockets were not getting closed
  • Sometimes, ALM Connect login screen was unresponsive (No action was happening when clicking SIGN IN button)
  • Integration Dump functionality was not working when the request was made outside ALM Connect UI.
  • Improvement in field value lookup utility so that error is not thrown when entity is not available in a system.


  • Installation failed with HTTPS when cacerts key password is less than 6 characters.
  • Use an existing verification code functionality is not working for installer.
  • ALM Connect upgrade shows default installation path as earlier failed installation path.
  • The contact number field in user registration form should not be a mandatory field.
  • Logger configuration settings section should be removed as it's not being used.


  • Epic synchronization does not work if time tracking is mapped.
  • Jira Parent Link & Child Issues relationship is not getting synchronized for entity types except Portfolio & Epic.
  • For cloned entity, attachment synchronization not working
  • Cookie-based authentication not working even if the server is running behind the load balancer
  • When multiple comments are added at the same time, the order of adding comments is not preserved
  • Child Issues relationship type not working in case number of child issues are more than 50
  • Formatting issue in Jira wiki-type field, which includes issues like synchronization not correct when Multi-line contains styling, table list contains styling

Team Foundation Server / Azure Devops

  • Even though the user does not have read permission, TFS api allows to load all the projects.
  • Revised system creation form for some inputs ordering and removal of inputs such as Organization Name Azure DevOps
  • Parameter value synchronization of shared steps not working
  • Poller recovery not working for Changeset in case of migration

CA Agile Central (Rally)

  • Improved/Minimized time being taken to read the changes to process when CA Agile Central (Rally) is source system


  • Existing integration cannot be opened because some projects cannot be found.


  • Display Id (Remote Id) synchronization not correct if user has started synchronization from update revision