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The release provides updates for several integrations including Jira, TFS and Rally.


  • When popup is opened, formatting for background content is changed to denote that it is disabled.
  • In Enterprise Architect, the Element entity type is classified into its actual type rather than Element.

Major Bug Fixes


  • ArrayIndexOutOfBound exception is coming when converting HTML to the wiki, using method converthtmltowikikeepimgtag
  • When the content of the inline image is more than the rest of the content, the entire content is not synchronized properly
  • When OIM session expired and login page is open in the popup, it is showing a horizontal scrollbar


  • Jira 6.0.8 project loading and giving an error No project could be found with key '<projectId>'."

Team Foundation Server

  • Syncing Test Case from HP to TFS adds random workitem link to steps
  • Shared steps migrate and parameter values are not there

CA Agile Central (Rally)

  • For the multivalued field, an error occurred while creating on entity. Because of [Ljava.lang.String; cannot be cast to java.util.Map