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The release provides important enhancements and fixes for Jira among other changes.

New Connectors, Versions, and Entities

  • Jira: 8.5.1
  • Jira Zephyr plugin:
  • Jira ZAPI plugin:
  • Jira ServiceDesk plugin: 4.5.1
  • Jira Project and Portfolio Management plugin: 3.14.0
  • Jira SLA Powerbox plugin: 3.3.0.
  • Added support for ServiceNow New York edition.


  • Improved performance for project details retrieval[For components like Mapping and overall Synchronization] by reducing the number of API calls.
  • Support for synchronization of 'updated' field in ServiceNow, to the target system.
  • Support for resetting of all types (except Lookup) of fields in QTest. Here 'resetting' means if a value is set once in a field then, updating the field with an empty value.
  • Added Customer license details like Company name, instance details and UUID(Registration unique identifier) on ALM Connect User Interface.
  • Rebranded HP ALM/QC to Micro Focus ALM/QC in ALM Connect
  • Added support for Personal Access Token authentication for Azure DevOps Services (VSTS)
  • For multi-valued fields, enhanced advance mapping configuration to remove duplicate fields when multiple source values are mapped to one target value and more than one such source value is selected

Major Bug Fixes


  • Global failures indicator is not visible at the integration list level, it is only visible when the integration list is expanded by clicking the 'Show List' button.
  • License Exception error comes during Create/Edit integration operation if the installed license doesn't have 'Real Time Sync' functionality.
  • For Jama, processing failure comes with the message 'OH-Connector-0005: Not able to decide whether recovery is needed or not. Probably Invalid value for OH last update'.
  • For QTest as a target system, added support for synchronization of inline-image to rich-text type of fields like Wiki, HTML.

User Interface

  • When creating integration, multiple Create-Update options coming under Workflow Association within Advance integration settings
  • Loading icon doesn't appear on the following actions: activating integrations, deleting integrations, loading failures
  • On edit integration screen, click on Global Settings doesn't work
  • In the email field on the system creation form, capital case entry is not allowed
  • In Chrome browser, while opening system in edit mode, if there is an already saved same username in saved password settings, the password in the system page gets replaced with saved password
  • Two error notifications are shown on login screen when user session has expired
  • Creating integration by clicking on integrate button on mapping list screen picks wrong project in integration if mapped project is no more accessible to the integration user
  • ALM Connect tab in browser is closed automatically on re-login if session had expired earlier and re-login page was closed by user without logging in
  • After the filter is applied on integration page and then removed, if the user clicks on one integration, it shows the integration list and view integration screens on the same page

Team Foundation Server / Azure DevOps

  • For Team Foundation Server/Azure DevOps as a source system, if a file is committed with more than one line in the commit message then, the Commit Information synchronized to the target system has only the first line.
  • For Team Foundation Server/Azure Devops as source system, if the linked entity exists in the project which is not accessible by integration user then, the 'Global Failure' comes with the message 'Work item does not exist or do not have permission'.


  • Mapping API of getting entity field values (getEntityFieldValue) is not working for VersionOne.
  • VersionOne to any system integration fails with Date Format error when mapped date field has no value set


  • For Jira as a source system, Global Failure with OIMJiraPollerException comes while fetching the details of an inactive user whose username partially matches with the username of another active user.
  • For Jira cloud as a source system, issue relationships of type 'Epic Link' (added with entity creation) are not getting synchronized to the target system.
  • For Jira as the target system, processing failure with the message 'Invalid comment type provided' comes during comments synchronization to Jira if the source system has comment type other than 'Public' or 'Private'.
  • Integration takes a long time to process an event from Jira when there are large number of entities linked to an entity.
  • When there are two different inline images in the source system with the same file name, after synchronization to Jira it's shows same image twice.
  • Missing documentation regarding custom issue type with "Test Execution" should not be there in the Jira instance as it's a reserved entity type name for Zypher plugin.
  • Jira poller fails when version type of field is configured to hide in Jira field confirmation with error - java.util.ArrayList cannot be cast to ReferenceValue[].
  • Number format exception thrown when user adds an extra slash at end in Server URL field on system configuration page