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The release provides support for a new version of Micro Focus ALM/QC and other enhancements and fixes.


  • Added support for Micro Focus ALM/QC version 15.0.
  • Added support for operating system 'Windows Server 2019' for ALM Connect installation.

Major Bug Fixes


  • For Jira as a target system, if 'Relationship' is configured between 2 different 'Entity Type' and same 'Link Type', duplicate links can get added if both the integrations are running at same time.


  • For RALLY as a target system, 'Processing failure' happens while performing update operation if the 'Changes' field of 'RallyDev Change Set' entity is synchronized.
  • For Rally as a source system, if multiple issue types are mapped in a single integration configuration and 'Enable Child Project Sync' option is selected then, entities of child projects are synchronized for only one issue type.